Craig Williams Talks Boise State

After Thursday's practice, I caught up with Craig Williams to ask him about the UNLV game and upcoming game this Saturday at Boise State. The transfer senior from Temple has hit six of his last seven three pointers, and has given TCU an offensive spark in the last two games. Williams is averaging 7.9 points and 3.7 rebounds on the year.

Against UNLV on Tuesday, Williams scored ten points in just 15 minutes of action. Foul trouble plagued Williams for most of the game, and he fouled out with 10 minutes left.

Q: How tough was it to sit for the final fifteen minutes of the UNLV game?

?Williams: It sucked! It was definitely hard. You know, things happen for a reason though, so there is not much you can do about it...

Q: How has the mindset of the team changed to avoid a let down like the team suffered earlier in the season by losing to Norfolk State after beating Virginia?

?Williams: I think we are more focused now. It was somewhat of a distraction being out in the Virgin Islands. We weren't as focused as we are now. I think going into this game at Boise, we are going to be better. We are going to be fine. It is not the same as Norfolk. We have a different mentality and play better defense. We are playing well right now, so I don't think it is going to bother us too much.

Q: What is the key to stopping Boise on defense? Williams: The biggest thing is just being cognizant of what they run. We have to do our best to stop it with no let-ups on defense, no back door cuts, and no second chance points.

Q: Since you have started to shoot the ball better of late, have you started to look for your own offense more?

Williams: Not really. I just try to take what is open. If I have an open shot, you know I'm going to take it, but if not, I will pass it and get someone else a shot.

Q: What is one aspect of the game that you guys can capitalize on on Saturday?

Williams: It is hard to name just one thing. We are just trying to keep this thing rolling and finish the season really strong. We are 15-10 right now, so we just have to finish out on a high note and get ready for whatever comes our way.

If TCU is going to continue the success that they had against UNLV, they can look to two areas of the game in particular.

The Frogs out-rebounded UNLV by 15, and from the 11:33 mark of the second half and into overtime, TCU dominated the glass 17-7.

The Rebels also rank as the second best assist team in the nation. The Frogs held even with UNLV in that category.

TCU takes on Boise State on the road this weekend. The game tips off at 3 pm central time. The Frogs are currently in 4th place in the Mountain West Conference.

If TCU beats Boise State this weekend and UNLV loses to New Mexico, then TCU would jump the Runnin' Rebels for third place.

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