Finishing the 2012 Recruiting Class

With two scholarships still available, looks at what Jim Christian and staff will use those final two scholarships on.

Ronnie Moss and Sammy Yeager were headcases. At times, they did more to hurt team chemistry than they did to help the team score the basketball on the court.

What is undeniable: both could score. Both could score in bunches.

What is also undeniable: both were selfish. Both put self before team. When both were dismissed by head coach Jim Christian a year ago, the third year coach knew that he had to take a step backwards in order to take ten steps forward.

Christian got rid of the locker room problems, and such a move has paid dividends this season. Christian now leads a team that is the tightest group he has coached in his TCU tenure.

"I am having a lot of fun coaching these guys," Jim Christian has said time and time again.

While inconsistency has put the Frogs record at 15-11 on the season, the Frogs have improved as the season progressed, and they boast quality wins over top 20 teams like Virginia and UNLV.

What is also undeniable however is that Christian and his staff must add more instant scoring to its roster as it heads into the Big 12.

The good news is that freshman point guard Kyan Anderson looks prepared to pick up right where senior point guard Hank Thorns will leave off.

With the departure of Thorns, the off guard position is left open. Incoming freshmen Clyde Smith and Charles Hill will have the opportunity to compete for playing time at that position, and Nate Butler will be a senior next season.

If Butler works hard in the offseason on his shooting both off the bounce and behind the arc, then perhaps the spot is Butler's to lose. Most around the TCU program would agree that confidence has been a factor in Butler's struggles this season.

As TCU continues to seek more scoring for the 2012 class, the junior college ranks may be the best place to turn.

Disclaimer: many fans grumble when TCU takes another junior college player, and I understand their discontent considering some of the JUCOs taken who simply did not produce.

However, a player with a more mature body and game is more likely to contribute in the Big 12 next season. Unless TCU pulls off a signing of one of the top freshmen in the country, the JUCO route could be the more reliable route.

If you are looking for a comparison of a former shooter/instant offense JUCO player that TCU has signed in the past, one could perhaps draw a comparison with Sammy Yeager, but the Frogs under Jim Christian have signed more athletes than they have pure scorers.

TCU was rumored to be close to receiving a commitment from Raul Delgado of Western Nebraska Community College. Delgado signed with BYU after a visit three weekends ago.

Delgado is a shooter who could have been instant offense off the bench or at the off guard position for Jim Christian's Frogs.

While Delgado is Catholic, his adoptive family is mormon, thus providing the BYU connection. Delgado's life has been challenging at times, so a healthy congratulations is in order for a kid who is getting quite an opportunity at BYU. I wish him the very best.

So now, TCU's attention turns. The quest for a shooter and natural scorer continues.

Jim Christian traveled to California after his team knocked off UNLV to watch Citrus College guards, James Walker and Brandon Parga.

Walker averages 19.3 points per game for his 24-1 Citrus College team. Walker is shooting 83 percent from the free throw line, and can score in a variety of ways.

Brandon Parga averages over 18 points per game while shooting 46 percent from behind the three point arc.

Fortunately for the Frogs, they are able to take at least two more players in the class of 2012 which currently holds commitments from Clyde Smith, Charles Hill, and Reggie Murphy. Ryan Rhoomes will also join the Frogs at the beginning of the 2012-2013 season.

In addition to a scorer, TCU is seeking more size. Of the two players who play the four position for TCU (Amric Fields and Garlon Green) neither have the body of a bruising Big 12 power forward.

While both have nice strokes from beyond the three point arc, neither rule the glass or are perfect for guarding the heavier big men that play in the Big 12.

A thicker, stronger, bigger bodied four man could also be in order for the Frogs.

The Frogs have extended an offer to power forward Matt Korcheck, and they have been in contact with several other high school and junior college big men that could provide more size to the TCU roster.

TCU is holding those final two scholarships knowing that a lot can change in a player's recruitment once the college basketball season ends.

Last year, Providence fired their head coach, and Kyan Anderson subsequently opened back up his recruitment. He ended up a Frog, and he leads Mountain West Conference freshmen in scoring in league play.

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