Reid gets 'Dream' offer

For Ft. Worth (TX) All Saints tight end Charlie Reid, on Saturday he saw one of his childhood dreams come true when he made the short drive over to TCU's campus Saturday morning

For Ft. Worth (TX) All Saints tight end Charlie Reid, on Saturday he saw one of his childhood dreams come true when he made the short drive over to TCU's campus Saturday morning.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pounder and All Saints head coach, Aaron Beck, visited TCU to watch the Frogs Saturday morning practice and to take part in TCU's junior day which immediately followed.

First, Reid spent time watching the Horned Frogs go through a two-hour workout.

"I loved the intensity and how fast it went," Reid said of TCU's practice. "It was enjoyable to watch and how the coaches get after it and how the players get after it."

For Reid, who has also attended junior days at Texas Tech and Texas A&M, the feeling he received while walking around TCU's campus as a recruit gave him a surreal and special feeling.

"It was pretty surreal, I showed up and got to talk to Coach Sharpe right away and talked to Coach Patterson while they were at practice, it was real personal," he said. "I've got to a couple of junior days and it was nothing like that; it was pretty special to me. You go to those things and it's like a cattle call, some have 25 some get up to 50 to 60 people and you don't get a chance to have a one-on-one. When I was at TCU I was Coach Sharp the whole time and it was he and I the whole time. It was so personal and real and honest; it was truly special."

While other recruits were beginning their campus tour, Reid had the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with TCU head coach Gary Patterson and his wife, Kelsey. During the meeting, Reid received what he'd been hoping for as long as he can remember; a TCU offer.

"I talked to Coach Sharpe a lot and we ate and he asked me if we wanted to go look around for a while or talk to Coach Patterson. I knew about the academic side so I wanted to talk to Coach Patterson. We walked into the room and he was there with his wife and they offered me a scholarship and it was amazing. I was so surprised and it was truly unbelievable."

Reid admits that receiving an offer from the Frogs was something he'd been hoping to get for quite a while. One could even say it's an offer from his favorite school and shows that the rumors about TCU not offering private school recruits isn't true.

"That's absolutely true and they get that whole rap for not recruiting private school kids so I kind of kind of pushed it off and never made it an option because I never thought they would come around," Reid said. "But, I've always wanted to be a Horned Frog because it is the hometown school and I've loved it for so long. When it finally happened (the offer), it was surreal."

Reid says the Frogs are taking two tight ends this class and he fits the mold of the type of player they are looking for at the position; an athletic tight end. Reid fits the bill after hauling in 41 catches for 637 yards and 5 scores in 2011.

"They said they're taking two tight ends, one's going to be an athlete and one's going to be a big guy. I was considered the athletic one," Reid said. "I would assume that meant more playing as an H-back and I could flex out and play wing."

With his first offer in hand, and from one of his favorite schools, Reid says a decision could be coming. His favorites are currently TCU, Texas and Oklahoma State so the Frogs are in a very good position.

"I'm probably going to give it a couple of weeks but right now it's between Texas, Oklahoma State and TCU," Reid said of his favorites. "TCU, that's a big one for me. I'm going to go down to Texas maybe sometime this week."

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