Frogs Upend Milwaukee

TCU advanced to the second round of the CBI tournament with a ten point victory over Milwaukee on Saturday night. TCU will play the winner of Oregon State and Western Illinois in the quarterfinals.

The TCU (18-14) basketball team has advanced to the quarterfinal of the College Basketball Invitational with a 83-73 win over Milwaukee on Tuesday evening.

The Frogs carried at eight point lead into the locker room despite leading by 10 on two separate occasions in the first half.

Milwaukee hung around thanks to several key three point makes, but TCU brought enough intensity to outlast the less talented Milwaukee squad.

In the first half, both team were sloppy with the basketball. 25 field goals were overshadowed by 23 first half turnovers.

To start the second half, Craig Williams gave the Frogs five straight points which got TCU going in the second half.

Milwaukee hung around before TCU pulled away in the final ten minutes to garner a ten point victory.

"Here's why we play these tournaments—I'm going to give you three plays," Christian said. "In the first half, Kyan Anderson took his first charge of the season. He saw the play and made the play. Amric Fields took a charge in the second half."

"Nate Butler, who hasn't been playing well for the last two months, hit three 3's. When people ask, ‘Why do you play these tournaments?' That's why you play, so these guys can get their confidence and get the chance to develop their games. They get a chance to play better and allow our program to move forward."

Six Frogs finished in double figures. Craig Williams and Amric Fields led TCU with 15 points. Hank Thorns (13), Garlon Green (11), J.R. Cadot (11), and Nate Butler (10) also finished in double figures.

Amric Fields expressed happiness with simply extending the season another week.

"It's fun. I'll play basketball all the way to April if I can, but I just want to go out and win this thing because we deserve it," Fields said.

Junior guard Nate Butler said it was good to finally see some shots go through the basket.

"I've been in a slump," Butler said. "Coach told me that it was mainly a confidence thing, but I was glad I could help [my team] tonight."

The Frogs were also banged up in the game tonight. Starting forward Connell Crossland turned an ankle in the first three minutes of the ballgame, and he did not return for the second half.

Hank Thorns is battling bruised ribs suffered from falling on his tub while sleep walking. Thorns injured those ribs twice in the game after Jim Christian was unsure his first-team all-conference player would even play.

Thorns unfortunate injury was the second bizarre injury for the Frogs this year. Craig Williams injured his tailbone falling down the stairs at his house. That injury kept Williams out of the Frogs loss to SMU.

TCU continues its CBI tournament on March 19 when the Frogs will take on the winner of Oregon State and Western Illinois.

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