Practice Report 3/29

Gary Patterson's Horned Frogs returned to the practice field on Thursday. At the completion of Thursday's practice, the Horned Frogs were left with just three practices left this Spring.

"Good today. Competition was good, but defensively we didn't start as fast we did on Tuesday," Patterson said. "Offensively we still had too many turnovers. Defensively we gave up too many big plays."

Patterson said he tried to put his defense in situations that they will face over the first four weeks of TCU's inaugural in the Big 12.

"We worked on a couple of defenses that the offenses needed to get a look at, and defensively we worked on our first four opponents. A couple of plays that we feel like could give us a problem, and we worked on Air Force. The reason we work on Air Force is because it gives us the best opportunity to play the pistol stuff," Patterson explained.

"This Saturday we will have a scrimmage, and then we will go again on Tuesday. On Tuesday, it will be all about growing these twos and threes up," Patterson said.

"Thursday will be all work against Grambling, Kansas, from Notre Dame film, Florida film, and everything we can watch on coach Weiss with Kansas," Patterson said.

"Spring is all about beating TCU, and that is what we are trying to do."

He noted that the scrimmage on Tuesday will be used mainly to get reps for the players that currently sit at second and third on the depth chart.

Looking for leaders

"I don't think we are there yet," Patterson said.

"We have a couple, but especially defensively we have to have someone stepping up in that category. I don't know if anyone is doing a great job. Kenny Cain is a little bit. Antonio a little bit. We are going to have to have a lot more than that for us to be what we want to be," Patterson said.

"You are going to go through some contreversy. You will see some very good offenses, and how are you gonna handle when big plays happen to you, and how will you respond."

"As long as we can practice against fast wide receivers, we will have a chance," Paterson said.

Sanders Moves, Graves Impresses

Patterson said today that former linebacker Laderice Sanders has moved to fullback.

"He wasn't close to where we needed him at linebacker, and we need a banger at fullback," Patterson said. "We're seeing if he can find a roll."

On the other side of the ball, Antonio Graves may have finally found a spot at which to stick.

"Unless his mom comes and gets him, he is going to stay at safety," Patterson said.

Not Happy with Weak Side Safety

As Patterson was asked if Jonathan Anderson was still being outplayed by Geoff Hooker, he took the chance to note his displeasure with all the players at the weak side safety position.

"I am not happy with that position yet at all. I'm not happy with either of them right now," Patterson said. "Quincy [Aldridge] will be back, and so you will add four more safeties and a couple of those guys will push for that position."

Tausch impressing

"The guy that is coming back that has done a fantastic job with us is Eric Tausch," Patterson said.

"He is playing center. He is starting at tackle some when [Tayo] Fabuluje hasn't been in. We get five starters plus Tausch. That gives us six. I told you we have to get to eight [deep on the offensive line]."

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