Knox already on TCU's radar

Ft. Worth All Saints Episcopal offensive lineman Demetrius Knox is already on the radar of several college programs. The 2014 already holds one offer.

Demetrius Knox of Ft. Worth All Saints Episcopal is already becoming one of the more talked about recruits in Texas this season. At 6-foot-5, 305-pounds, the left tackle is receiving interest from several programs across the nation and recently received his first offer last week.

While it shouldn't come as a surprise that Knox is garnering interest, one thing should be noted; he's only a 2014 prospect which means he has nearly two years before signing day.

Knox received his first offer from Texas A&M last week and is getting strong interest from schools such as TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Ohio State.

A starter since his freshman year for the Saints, Knox is grateful that he already has an opportunity to play at the next level with the early offer.

"It's a great feeling. Just to know that the next six years all I have to worry about is going to school, working out and getting better, that's a great feeling knowing that the next six years are set as long as I put forth the effort," Knox said.

Knox and his All Saints teammates, Daniel Gresham and Xavier Phillips, attended the final practice of the spring at TCU last Thursday. The big lineman says he enjoyed watching the Frogs up close and noticed a lot of familiarity in the way they operate and how his team bases what they do.

"It reminded me a lot of All Saints which was really great, I loved it," Knox said. "I feel like we base a lot of our program on what TCU does so everything they were telling me I understood. They were doing plays that we do and their practice is how we run our practice."

Other than the familiarity with the two programs, Knox says he's kept up with TCU and says it's a place he could definitely see himself fitting in.

"From what I've seen they're pretty good. I like the way they run their program. The coaching staff reminds me a lot of our coaching staff," he said. "Our defensive coordinator played football at TCU and some of our assistant coaches played at TCU. It's basically like All Saints to me."

While Knox was on the visit he had a chance to visit with TCU coach Gary Patterson after the practice. Although an offer wasn't extended, it was made known to Knox that he's a high priority for the 2014 class.

"They haven't come straight forward in talking about an offer but I could tell that they were really interested. They were telling me that in the next two years they were going to be losing a lot of key players," he said. "He (Coach Patterson) said he wasn't too keen about talking to upcoming freshmen about starting but I'm going to get my britches dirty."

Knox will visit Baylor on Tuesday and Oklahoma on Saturday (15th) with Gresham. He also plans to visit Texas A&M on the 20th and also wants to visit Texas Tech, USC and Ohio State over the summer.

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