Ryan Rhoomes to Seek Release from TCU

New York native Ryan Rhoomes (6'9, power forward) will ask for his release from TCU. After enrolling in TCU summer classes last summer, Rhoomes was forced to return home for a year when the NCAA refused to accept 3 classes from NIA prep.

One of TCU and Jim Christian's top signees in the 2011 class Ryan Rhoomes will ask for his release from Texas Christian University, he said in a phone interview on Tuesday night.

Rhoomes had come to TCU in the summer of 2011 ready to start his college career before being ruled ineligible by the NCAA. The NCAA refused to acknowledge three of his classes from NIA prep, and Rhoomes was forced to sit out the 2011-2012 season as he finished his academics.

When Rhoomes signed with TCU, he signed with Jim Christian and a TCU Horned Frogs team destined for the Big East.

Twelve months later, the situation had simply changed too much, Rhoomes explained.

"The thing that brought me to TCU was opportunity," Rhoomes said. "I thought it was the best move for my future."? "Now a lot of things have changed," Rhoomes went on. "My situation was really messed up. The conference changed and the coaches changed. It was just a lot of stuff to handle. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be out there if I wasn't sure I was going to be happy."

"The best situation for me now is just to stay close to home," Rhoomes said.

Rhoomes said he has already been discussing his future with some schools and his family.

The story of Ryan Rhoomes is not one that the NCAA should be proud of. The student-athletes got caught in the middle of a rift between a prep school owner and the NCAA.

With his recruiting back open, Ryan Rhoomes begins the process anew.

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