Postgame Quotes from TCU Baseball's Sat. Win

TCU baseball got a season-high in hits and easily knocked off a Manhattan Jasper team whose porous defense was no match for the TCU offense.

TCU baseball knocked off the Manhattan Jaspers by a score of 12-5. The Horned Frogs collected a season high in hits.

TCU is now 25-15 on the season.

Kyle Von Tungeln stretched his hitting streak to six games. He notched his team-leading 16th multi-hit game of the season.

Keaton Jones doubled his stolen base output on the season with three in today's game. He is now 6-for-8 on the season.

Jason Coats tied a school record with three doubles in the game. It's been done 11 other times, most recently by Chris Ellington against BYU on April 17, 2008.

Postgame Quotes

Left fielder Jason Coats

On his team's offensive explosion: "I think everyone was showing up early today and putting in a lot of work in the cages, and it showed up on the field today. Everyone felt good in [batting practice] before the game and just brought that confidence into the game."

On his team's approach: "We talked about just staying within ourselves and not really trying to do too much, and you can't try to yank and drive the slower pitching out of the ballpark. You have to just stay with it, and stick with that mental approach, and I think that is where a lot of guys got their hits today."

On production from entire lineup: "It's good to see the entire lineup getting in the game and swinging it well. And I just hope that we can keep that going for the rest of the season. Infield play was really good today too. Keaton [Jones] at shortstop really makes you feel comfortable on the mound."

Jim Schlossnagle

On his lineup: "The biggest thing is just getting a lot of positive results early in the game. We haven't had too many games where we have extended the lead, and we haven't had many games at all where we have been up 4-5 runs especially after 2-3 innings. Tension in the dugout just kind of fell to the side even though the got back in the game."

On playing with confidence: "Guys were playing with confidence. Having things good happen to you, confidence is such a big part of the game. I know it sounds cliched but with our early season schedule, we don't get a chance, and with the injuries we had, we don't get a chance to play some of those confidence games early in the year. If you start not getting hits, you start to think you don't know how to hit, and regardless of who you are facing, whether it be because of injury, poor play, or our schedule, we just haven't had that [opportunity to see success]."

On Tyler Duffie's 2 inning performance: "He did. He pitched well again. Evans did what we needed to do, and Tyler threw strikes. That is definitely what we needed because we are stretched thin a little bit right now in relief."

Jim Schlossnagle said that Brandon Finnegan will start on Tuesday [vs. Oklahoma].

Josh Elander

On the pitch he hit for a homer: "When I looked up I thought it was going to go foul. Luckily it stayed fair. It was nice to give us some breathing room for some pitchers to come in and get some work."

On Andrew Mitchell: "Mitchell, like Purke did last year, just works so fast. It is catch, get back on the rubber. Catch, get back on the rubber. So sometimes he can go so fast he can get out of rhythm and not be throwing down hill. When he throws downhill, he is basically unhittable. His thing that he need to work on is just be more consistent. When Andrew Mitchell is on, you aren't gonna hit that guy."

On the park's effect on hitters: "Obviously our park is an issue. That is not a myth. That is a fact. [The key] is just stringing hits together, getting extra base hits...when you start driving the ball in the gap, you start scoring more runs, and that is the biggest difference right now for our offense."

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