Colleges checking up on Sawyer

2014 quarterback prospect Foster Sawyer is transitioning well to his new home in Aledo.

For 2014 prospect Foster Sawyer, the words leader, competitor, talented and potential all come to mind. Those qualities were easy to point out even as a sophomore at Arlington Grace Prep when he threw for 2,810 yards and 27 scores in 2011. He was looked upon for leadership, even from seniors two years older than him. His competitive drive made him that leader. One throw from his right arm made people realize he could sling the ball wherever he wanted. And potential, it's through the roof, especially when you realize he still has two more years to play high school football.

While he was already becoming a watched prospect at Grace Prep, he will definitely be on the radar with his mid-semester move to football crazed Aledo, Texas. Aledo happens to be the owners of three consecutive 4A Texas state championships and had a player named Johnathan Gray, just one of the top runningbacks ever to play in the Lone Star state that shattered record after record in four years as a Bearcat.

Now, the Bearcats must find a replacement for not only Gray, but several other leaders who helped the Bearcats state runs including quarterback Matthew Bishop. That's where Sawyer steps in and he relishes the challenge.

He got his first taste of Aledo football last week when the Bearcats opened spring ball. Having football practice in the spring is a first for Sawyer since Grace Prep didn't participate in spring ball, much less full pads. The big signal caller, who also plays third base for the Bearcats playoff baseball team, says he's enjoyed the chance to participate in spring ball and definitely notices why Aledo is considered one of the top teams in the state every year.

"This is my first time actually going in pads (in the spring). I love baseball but I get to go practice a little bit in the morning then go practice baseball a little bit," he said. "I just can't wait for football season.

"There's a lot of talent over here and the work ethic is amazing. It's 6 o'clock in the morning but everyone acts like it's the middle of the day because everyone is ready to work. It's definitely a complete change from Grace Prep. I'm enjoying it."

When it comes to recruiting, the 6-foot-5, 215-pounder is already on the radar of several programs nationwide. A handful of those programs have already made a stop to Aledo in the last week to check out Sawyer.

"It's going pretty good, the people that have come and seen me that I know for sure is Alabama, (Texas) Tech, TCU, Wake Forest and Arizona," he said of his recruitment. "I think that's about it. The offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Tech told me they really like me."

Sawyer recently made the trip up to Stillwater to watch Oklahoma State's spring game and the visit certainly caught his attention.

"They showed me around campus and I watched the game and got to meet the coaches, it's a great place up there at Oklahoma State, we'll see what happens," he said of his visit to OSU's spring game. "Coach Meachum said he was going to come down sometime during spring ball and watch me."

Although he doesn't hold an offer to date, Sawyer says that could change once he's able to turn all of his attention to the gridiron.

"Kevin Murray, my quarterback coach, said it was going to come up fast," Sawyer said of possible offers. "He said they're all about to offer me, especially after baseball season."

Speaking of Murray, Sawyer has worked under the tutelage of the former Texas A&M great for the last year and a half. Murray has a good reputation of developing high school quarterbacks, UCLA signee T.J. Millweard and Southlake Carroll's Kenny Hill are two of his recent pupils. Sawyer says he's learned plenty of things to better his game in the time he's spent with Murray.

"He gets me mentally ready and changed my mechanics tremendously from this past year just from film watching and being able to throw a good spiral and where to throw the ball," Sawyer said of Murray. "He's a good guy and a big tool to help me where I want to go. He likes me and I really like him."

Sawyer told after the Dallas Elite 11 camp that the Frogs were among his top schools, if not the favorite. He says the Frogs are continuing to show strong interest and that interest is mutual. He looks forward to attending a TCU camp this summer.

"I have a couple of friends over at TCU and they said every time they go to visit TCU they (coaches) ask about me," he said. "I'm going to contact them and ask them about the football camp and what they want me to do this summer and try to get another visit over there. (Rusty) Burns is my recruiter, I like him a lot, and he's a good guy."

Sawyer says he will likely attend camps at TCU, Oklahoma State, Alabama and possibly Arizona State and Arkansas this summer, depending on what his select baseball schedule is. Which brings up another question; does he desire the chance to play both baseball and football in college? According to Sawyer, while the idea is intriguing, he knows what sport he can excel in the most.

"My dad says he kind of wants me to, but I just think I really want to focus on quarterback and dominate and own my position at quarterback," he said. "I'm going to miss baseball, but my true passion is football so I don't think it's going to be too big of a deal to play baseball in college. I'm going to play it throughout my high school year of course."

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