Douglas going through spring drills

Arlington High linebacker Sammy Douglas talks spring ball and the latest in his recruitment.

Arlington (TX) High linebacker Sammy Douglas was the first commitment for TCU's 2013 recruiting class. Since that time in late February Douglas has spent his time on the track and most recently, going through spring football drills.

Douglas, the nation's #45 outside linebacker, says it's been a bit chippy sometimes between the offense and defense, but he knows in the long run it will make them all better.

"It's been fun, we've been fighting with the offense and we've just been working and getting ready to be back on the field," Douglas said.

On Monday Douglas displayed excellent blitzing skills causing havoc in the backfield a number of times. It's something Douglas loves doing.

"I love blitzing, especially running hard into the linemen and trying to get into the backfield," Douglas. "Running past everybody is just fun to me."

Looked upon as a leader for the Colts, Douglas says he has a simple word of advice for the younger players.

"Honestly, I just tell them to pay attention and do what the coach tells them to do," Douglas said.

Arlington head coach Scott Peach says several programs when stopping by inquire about Douglas. However the coach tells them Douglas isn't making a change in his decision. Douglas echoed that statement and says even though other schools may look at him, he's not about to change his mind; he already has his dream school.

"Everything," he said of why he chose TCU a few months ago. "And especially when coach (Peach) told me if I commit, I commit, I can't go anywhere else. I have to represent Arlington High. He didn't want me to commit and then back out and put a bad reputation with us."

Douglas says he hasn't been back over to TCU since his junior day visit but says he keeps in good contact with the coaches.

"I haven't been back over there but I talk to them on Facebook and everything," he said.

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