Jarmon: No TCU Offer...Yet

Waco wide receiver Hunter Jarmon reported four offers, but he said that he has not been offered by TCU yet. The two-sport athlete has only received a camp invite from the Frogs thus far.

"I have played baseball my whole life," Midway high school wide receiver Hunter Jarmon said. "Until recently, I just kind of found out that I was really good at football."

Jarmon is a 6'1 wide receiver from Waco who has caught the eye of Big 12 and SEC schools.

"Right now Missouri, Iowa State, Tulsa, and SMU are the ones that have offered," Jarmon explained.

What about TCU?

"No. TCU hasn't offered. The only thing that I have gotten from them so far is a camp invite," Jarmon said. "Coach Jennings from TCU came to my school, and we have had a couple of phone conversations."

Jarmon continued, "When Coach Jennings talked to me it seemed like he was interested. He said that I just needed to come to campus on an unofficial visit, so we could talk."

Jarmon also mentioned that he expects to get drafted in this summer's MLB draft.

"I would like to play both sports if that were possible," Jarmon said. "But my first priority is to get an education. I would like to go to college. I am looking to hire an agent soon, and we will look at making a decision that we are comfortable with, but right now, my first choice to go to college."

Jarmon's speed has augmented his success on both the baseball and football fields. ShowMeMizzou.com reported that Jarmon ran a 4.51 in the 40-meter dash timed by lasers.

Jarmon on Missouri:

"Missouri came down at the beginning of my sophomore year. They came down and offer. They talked to me dad, and basically said that I can play at Missouri if I want to. I have been getting letters from them, but I really haven't had any phone contact with them lately.

Jarmon on Iowa State:

"Iowa State came to my school during the baseball playoffs, and they talked to me. They said that they wanted to offer me. They say that I can be a big time player at Iowa State. I have then talked to them on the phone a couple of times. They are very interested in me, and I am glad they put the offer on the table.

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