Introducing the phenomenal Morie Evans

Huntsville, Texas athlete Morie Evans is already one prospect from the 2015 to keep a close eye on.

In the age of early recruiting, it's no longer surprising that sophomores in high school are garnering recruiting attention. However, one of the knocks on that style of recruiting is that some prospects mature quicker than others and stop maturing after their junior or senior year. Even if this up and coming prospect stopped maturing today, he would already be physically prepared for the college game. Introducing Morie Evans, the 5'11" 190 pound freakish athlete that turned heads in Ft. Worth on Friday. caught up with the young phenom to talk recruiting and his camp performance.

"I liked the drills we did with the defensive backs and the running backs" Evans said of the coaching. "I liked how they taught us to shuffle our feet and at running back, the drill where we switch the ball back and forth was good."

On the afternoon, the young Huntsville, TX star wowed onlookers with his athletic ability and pure speed. He clocked in at an impressive 4.38 40 and showed enough versatility to play on both sides of the ball. For his Huntsville high school team, he stars at both running back and safety and that ability is what will bring the college recruiters in droves.

After making waves throughout the camp on Friday, we asked Evans what he thought about the level of competition that he saw on the field. As much as he impressed other people, he too was impressed.

"I saw a lot of good talent out there today" he said. "I talked to one guy that Baylor offered and he said he was hoping for a TCU offer because he wanted to come here. I saw a couple of running backs that were really good, lots of speed."

Although it's too early for Evans to receive an offer from TCU, rest assured the staff took notice. After one of the drills where Evans blew by the defender, Coach Patterson ran over to him and told the young man to introduce himself to Coach Glasgow. He wanted to make sure that Evans knew they noticed him. So how did it feel to have one of the top coaches in the country seemingly so excited about his performance?

"Oh yeah (smiling), it feels real good" said Evans. "I liked that he noticed me, that's a big deal."

After discussing his performance on the afternoon, we turned our attention to his style of play and goals for his high school career and beyond. Is he a power back or a scat back? Evans explains his style on the field.

"I'm a powerful runner" said Evans. "I don't juke that much, I just lower my shoulder and run over people. I'm an aggressive player on both sides of the ball."

Although no programs have offered just yet, it's just a matter of time. Once recruiters get a glimpse of this kid, he'll skyrocket up every chart in the country. A couple of programs have started to notice him but one school is already standing out.

"I've heard a little bit from Houston, Baylor and Texas but I would love to go to TCU" said Evans. "If they offered, they would be my number one. I love the campus and the facilities, it's really nice. If they offer I don't want to rush into a decision but they would be number one."

With a long time to go until signing day for 2015 prospects, there's plenty of time to watch as this young man develops. However one thing is certain, he's already got the Horned Frogs full attention.

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