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It's time to take a look at questions from the Frogs fans in this edition of the HornedFrogBlitz.com mailbag.

How do some of the West Texas prospects stand with TCU? Specifically 2013 WR Keevan Lucas, 2014 WR Lorenzo Joe, and 2014 DE Jake McMillon?

For Lucas, I don't recall seeing him at the June 8th camp which I'm sure if he were there we would've noticed him. TCU is looking to take no less that 2-3 receivers for the 2013 class and with offers currently out to guys like Torii Hunter Jr., Cameron Echols-Luper and Austin Bennett to name a few, I believe Lucas is down the list a bit. As far as Joe and McMillon, Joe definitely caught my attention at the Under Armour 7-on-7 tournament last month and will definitely be a guy the Frogs keep a close eye on and for good reason. While the 2013 class doesn't present a huge need at defensive end the 2014 class is different especially after Maponga departs next season which is why I see a guy like McMillon being a guy the Frogs continue to keep a close eye on.

It seems like a lot of the top rated TCU targets are choosing elsewhere (Kenny Hill, T. Swoopes, Kam Miles, Huhn,). The last few years though it seems as if the staff have gotten some late switches from some big names. My question is, do you think there will be any big switches/commitments to the Frogs late in the game, and who do you think those could be? I know that its a long way off but I figured you were the guy to ask?

You're absolutely right, the Frogs always seem to land a big commitment in the last month leading up to signing day. I think much of that success can be credited to the successful seasons they've had, especially for the last two classes. The Rose Bowl win helped a ton with the 2011 class and I believe the Frogs' win over Boise State last year helped re-open recruits eyes. I believe if the Frogs make a good impression in the Big 12 this year and have an overall successful season, they will pull off some switches. Guys I think fans should keep an eye on (not saying they will definitely switch) are Travon Blanchard, K.J. Smith, A'Shawn Robinson and Eason Fromayan (both parents attended TCU).

Oak Park (Calif.) defensive tackle Luca Bruno (6-3.5, 280), has a slew of offers, mostly from the West and one from the Big East, was supposed to visit next month. Is it still in the works & do you know when?

When we last spoke to Bruno that was definitely the plan for him with the Frogs as his second favorite school behind USC. We will check with Bruno this week to see if he still plans to hit the July camp next month.

Any info on Melvin Jones would be great. Last I heard he was going to take his time with his commit and was going to take an official during the season. Is he going to any camps, hearing anything from TCU and where he stands now as far as TCU? What do you think our chances are?

Jones is a prospect who has been very hard to reach throughout the process. He's also a good baseball player so that could be taking up a lot of his time. When we spoke with Jones a few months ago he was hoping to make a junior day visit but was unable to attend and said he would use one of his official visits for TCU during the season. He also mentioned that the Frogs were among his favorite schools and that he wouldn't be rushing into a quick decision.

If Gildon makes grades over the summer, will he be back on the team this fall?

From what I understand he will not be back to play this fall. Any return after that point is still up in the air.

Any TCU interest on 2014 DE from Coppell, Solomon Thomas?

Yes, TCU along with every other major program in the country. He will likely be a top 20 defensive end in the country as part of the 2014 class.

I will keep it simple...Who is the next TCU commit and why?

Put me on the spot why don't you! Good question; I think the next commit may not come until July after the Frogs' July 13th camp. Coaches are basically off on vacation until early July as well so communication won't be as high. I think the most logical choice may be Ranthony Texada considering playing time at TCU is there for the taking. Texada mentioned several months ago to Fox Midlands reporter Erin Hartigan that TCU was very high on his list even without the offer. So, put Texada down as the next recruit to commit.

Who is the one recruit no one seems to be talking about right now that you think we will be discussing a lot in the future for the Frogs?

I can actually think of a few names. First, let's start with Plano tackle/tight end prospect Joseph Noteboom. He's a big kid, 6-foot-6, 260-pounds and according to sources he was a prospect that did well at the Plano satellite camp. The Frogs are recruiting him as an offensive lineman and while he doesn't have an offer at this point, his footwork is good and he can definitely grow into an every down lineman.

Another name to watch that we brought you last week in the BlitzInsider and a few months ago in a previous mailbag is FW Wyatt athlete Ladell Marshall(pictured). At 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, Marshall is a speed merchant and this summer is competing for Hallmark Track Club in the 4x100, 100m (10.8) and 200m; qualifying for the USA Track Jr. Olympic regionals in all three events. He runs in the 4x100 with another prospect recruiting fans know; Robbie Rhodes. Marshall also happens to be Rhodes' cousin and is generating some recruiting buzz himself. Where TCU enters the picture is he was originally scheduled to attend the June 8th camp but was sick. I anticipate the Frogs will be keeping a close eye on him if he's able to make it to the July 13th camp.

We know rankings aren't always perfect, who are some of the players you think should be ranked higher and why?

First off, I'm going to sound brutal when I say this but there is absolutely no way Cameron Echols-Luper should be rated as a safety; he is a receiver all the way. He knows it, coaches know it and anyone who watches him up close knows it. Echols-Luper put on a clinic at the recent TCU camp and was hands down the best receiver in attendance and that list included a guy named Robbie Rhodes, who happens to be the #7 receiver in the nation. There's no doubt that Echols-Luper should be rated as a four-star receiver. He is a Jeremy Kerley clone but has 4.4 speed. Problem is…he plays quarterback and safety for Auburn so there's not a ton of evaluation that can be done for the position.

Bryson Henderson should also be ranked higher in my opinion. I've seen Henderson up close and I'll say this, he's a mauler. He's a legit 6-foot-5, 250-pounds and will only get bigger…remember, age wise he should just be a sophomore going into his junior season. If you can find 55 better defensive tackles in the country, I'd like to see them.

Of the uncommitted players the Frogs are targeting I feel are ranked low, Andrew Billings tops the list. Even before he received a Texas offer (which when he is bumped everyone will feel the Longhorn offer is the reason why) this kid should've never been a three-star player. In my time following recruiting, I have never seen a player with his strength. And for those who say he isn't the fleetest, I saw him run a 5.1 forty at 301-pounds. I know 160-pound guys that can't run that fast! No way should he be rated as the #36 DT in the country, he's a definite top five DT in the Lone Star state.

Can you please tell us if Dac Shaw has an offer?

Shaw at the moment does not have an offer. I've heard they would like to see him up close before extending the offer and the two times they wanted to at the Kilgore camp and June 8th camp, he was unable to attend. I've heard showing up is just a formality and that he will eventually get an offer, but at this point he doesn't have one.

Love what you guys are doing, but do you know when the new layout is coming and if you guys will be anything different when that happens?

I'm hearing late June or early July for the new layout. We've actually already been preparing for some things in regards to the changes for the message board. As for a difference, player profile pages will be upgraded, site appearance will change, better video, more social networking…Twitter more particularly and better prospect navigation. For us, we're not changing anything specifically on how we'll do things. We'll still bring you guys as much content throughout the week with at least two stories a day and our weekly BlitzInsider.

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