An up-close look at ACS

Amon G. Carter stadium and it's 164 million dollar renovation is moving along and took a tour Thursday afternoon to bring the TCU fans the latest images.

It's being billed as the Camden Yards of college football. After seeing the construction at Amon Carter Stadium on Thursday it's well on it's way of deserving that label - and then some.

Aside from the beautiful renovation being done to the stadium, TCU has also upgraded their locker room and training facility. The locker room itself is 9,000 square feet and has 125 state of the art lockers that are the first of it's kind.

The training room is a state of the art facility at 5,000 square feet and equipped with a hydrotherapy room which includes an underwater treadmill. The floors in the locker room shower area and training facility are stonhard floors...the same floors you would find at local hospital emergency rooms and Nascar garages.

For the first time I caught a glimpse of the donor level and suite levels and let me say, pictures do not do this facility justice. The tile flooring is magnificent and the areas outside the suites look like a five star hotel.

The visiting locker room is better than most schools have for their own locker rooms. And the pressbox, the magnificent pressbox will seat 125 member of the writing media and the radio/TV press row has 12 booths.

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