Amric Fields Pleased with New Coach

HornedFrogBlitz talked with Amric Fields for his first interview since the new coaching change which brought Trent Johnson to TCU. Fields talks about the new players on the team, the differences between Johnson and Jim Christian, and how he has been studying tape of great rebounders this offseason.

Junior Amric Fields committed to TCU to play for then head coach Jim Christian. Christian's leap to Ohio University surprised many players on TCU's roster, but Fields said he is very pleased with the man plucked to fill Christian's shoes.

"Going through the whole process with Coach Christian leaving which I never thought would happen, then I was hearing possible candidates. I did a little research on him, and then we all got to talk with him the day of his press conference," Fields said.

"It was relieving knowing that he turned Stanford around, Nevada around, and knowing how many players he sent to the NBA. How many former players want to coach with him speaks volumes about how he builds great relationships with his players," Fields continued.

Fields mentioned the great talent that Johnson has sent to the NBA. "The Lopez twins and Landry Fields" are just a few of the talented players he has sent to the NBA Fields also noted.

"He has a background to get players to the NBA, so he knows what it takes," said Fields who will be a junior next year for the Frogs. "It's great for me especially," Fields said.

Fields on the differences between Johnson and Christian

"With Coach Johnson, he makes it really clear what he is looking for," Fields said. "What he wants and what he likes to do is different as far as style of play. He has some really great ideas for what this team can do really well."

"He says ‘we are going to play as fast as we can play well'," Fields explained. "As long as we are moving the ball and playing together, then we will play as fast as we can while continuing to do that."

"You see a lot of teams that can play really fast, but have 20 turnovers per game. Not us."

Fields said that he feels Coach Johnson is more serious on the court.

"He is a little bit stricter on the court which is what we need," Fields said. "When he's on the court, it's no balls bouncing while he is talking and no talking on the baseline."

Fields on the new additions to the roster

"I think all of the new guys are great," Fields said. "From Clyde [Smith] to Devonta [Abron] to Charles [Hill] to big Aaron [Durley] (has not worked out yet due to injury), I can tell from watching them that Coach Johnson brought five guys in here that can make an impact."

"Their bodies are hurting. Every time you come in as a freshman, it takes some time to get your body adjusted to the intense workout," Fields continued.

Fields on his individual improvement this offseason.

When asked what he had worked on most this offseason, Fields said, "Probably aggressiveness, being ready to attack and do whatever my team needs me to do."

"I have watched a lot of tapes of great rebounders because I didn't do a great job of that last season, and defensively I can always make improvements as well," he continued.

"With the Big 12 and how physical it is, I have to prepare myself to rebound and defend."

"Coach Christian last year talked to me a lot about confidence. Be confident whether my role is coming off the bench or starting, be ready to attack and ready to make plays. Don't just be a body out there running back and forth."

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