Top California prospect has TCU on top

Luca Bruno has nine offers on the table and is getting interest from virtually every Pac-12 program. Yet, a Big 12 program sits atop his list of favorites.

The impact of TCU football in California is being felt on the academic side as well as the athletic side these days. With LaDainian Tomlinson starring for the Chargers, and TCU routinely winning games in San Diego, the Frogs have developed quite a following. California ranks number one as the state with the most out of state applications to get into TCU and one of the Golden State's top recruits has the Horned Frogs on the top of his wish list. At 6'4" and 282 pounds, Luca Bruno is a powerful force coming off of the defensive line. We caught up with Bruno tonight to get his take on the recruiting process and to see who is standing out to him.

"Right now everything is pretty good" said Bruno. "In the past two months I've taken some schools out of consideration and moved some schools up and I've basically narrowed it down to a top five right now."

Currently holding offers from Arizona, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, New Mexico State, Oregon State, San Diego State and Wyoming, Bruno has plenty of options to choose from. While more offers have come in over the last two months, Bruno says he can't remember which ones they are off the top of his head. He says his focus is on the top five right now anyway.

"TCU is my top school right now and I bumped USC down to number two" he said. "Then it's U of A (Arizona), Oregon State and San Diego State."

When talking to the big defender, you get the sense that TCU is in very good shape should they offer. So will the Oak Park star make it down for the TCU camp on July 13th?

"Yeah, I figure that's their decision maker on me so that's a big camp for me to go to" he said. "If they offered, I'm still thinking of holding off for a little while because I'm going there by myself to this camp so I want to run it by my coaches and stuff. They're really high for me right now and I've shown a lot of interest in TCU so if they did offer, I would probably accept it in the next few weeks after I received it."

With the Frogs being held in such high regard for the versatile athlete, it begs the question, defensive end or defensive tackle in the TCU scheme?

"In their front I'm probably more of a tackle to a nose tackle, I think that's where they picture me. I guess I'm a little too big to play their end right now" said Bruno. "I've been perfecting stuff on my technique and I've been working on a quick power step for my first step. I'm working on getting my hand quickness down and just perfecting my game."

While Bruno says he's in no hurry to commit, it's pretty clear that a TCU offer could be a game changer. The big lineman says he's in no hurry to commit but would like to make a decision in the near future, and when he does, he says he'll be 100% committed to whoever he chooses.

"I'm not in a big hurry but I would like to have a decision by no later than the start of my senior season" said Bruno. "If I'm going to commit to somebody, I'm going to be 100% on that. I'm not one to look around to other schools if I'm committed to that program. When I commit, that's a commitment for good."

Stay logged on to to see how things go for the Frogs at their July 13th camp. The stars will be out in force and TCU just might land themselves one of the West coast's top defensive talents.

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