HFB.com Mailbag: 7/2

In this edition of the HornedFrogBlitz.com mailbag, we dive into 2012 impacts, recruit analysis, what's the latest on David Jenkins and more!

Last year some true freshmen made an immediate impact. Brandon Carter, David Porter Chuck Hunter, Jon Lewis, & Deryck Gildon, etc. Which true freshmen are going to make an immediate impact this year?

Good question, from every indication I've heard the 2012 class is very special so it could be anyone. Case in point, I was told during the first day the team had to run "gassers" the three freshmen that arrived in January; Matthews, Listenbee and Catalon all had to run 20 with the older guys. The rest of the freshmen were only required to run 10. Well, they all ran 20 in support of the other freshmen.

Now for your answer, position wise I can see one of the safeties contributing early; Zach Jackson or Jordan Moore. Both have tremendous athleticism and football IQ, both necessary to play safety for Patterson. I can see Listenbee making an impact as well out of necessity; the Frogs only have eight receivers on scholarship so he may be forced to play early. I also like the chances of both Hilliard and Dawson playing early simply because there is such a big need at linebacker.

Who are the prime candidates for the Frogs to try to flip late in the game? You mentioned A'Shawn Robinson awhile back, but I have to think there are several committed guys the Frogs will keep in contact with until the end?

Tough to tell because they keep so many prospects warm throughout the year. But, I'd give the best possibility with current A&M commit Joas Aguilar. I know the Frogs are staying on him and although Aguilar seems content with his decision to A&M(he's told everyone that), he's at least listening to the Frogs. I've heard his parents would like to keep him close to home as well.

Any chance Tyrone Swoopes flips to TCU? Given the fact his past relationship with the staff and why did he commit to UT so soon?

I highly doubt it, he seems very happy with his commitment to Texas. I know he had a high interest in the Frogs and depending who you believe, they didn't have as much contact as other schools leading up to his commit and unfortunately the events that happened earlier this year didn't help either.

Who is the safest recruit we have this year so far in terms of reaching their potential and who is the biggest boom/Bust?

I really like the makings of this class and all of them have high ceilings in regards to reaching their potential. One player I'm really excited about is Sammy Douglas, he fits the mold of a TCU linebacker with great speed and a great nose for the football. Is he thin…yes, but he will add weight once he stops running track and focuses all of his efforts in the weight room. He has the body type of a Daryl Washington out of high school; Douglas will be a shredded 225-230 when he's a junior for the Frogs. And with speed to burn, remember this kid ran a 10.27 split in the 4x100 earlier this year.

Also, you can't go wrong with a kid like Joseph Noteboom. 6-foot-6, 262-pounds with solid 4.8 speed, plus an ex-hockey player. His potential is oozing.

Which recruit from this class are you the most excited about?

Another very tough question, it's tough to pick just one. From a personal aspect I'd say Bryson Burtnett simply because he was a complete unknown until a few months ago but he put in the hard work and extra effort to become one of the most talked about kids this spring. His reward was earning a full-ride to a major D-1 program and when you talk to him and the family, they're very appreciative for the opportunity. Plus, you guys have seen the picks and I've seen him up close, no one has been able to cover the kid, especially in the red zone.

Which target is TCU most focused on getting a commitment from?

Any and every one of their offers right now. I think position wise they want to add a few more offensive linemen to the mix and I think that starts with Ryan Hoefeld, who should get an offer on July 13. Also, linebackers, Dac Shaw is a guy they love and I can confirm that he has received an offer from the Frogs.

What do you think the odds are of Jordan Moore getting significant playing time this year?

If he picks up the defense like many suspect he can, watch out. He still needs to add weight, but from what I've been told about the off-season conditioning, he's a beast. Loves working out and running. Coming in as a free safety and playing as a true freshman is never easy to do; it's the quarterback of the defense and it requires so much. To be honest, I think they'd rather him redshirt this season in order to create a gap with the other safeties.

What happened with Jeremy Coleman last year? Seems like he went from promising starter to falling off the face of the earth. Will he play significant minutes this year? Seems like we'll need him.

I'll give you the answer I've been given, he just didn't put in the work he needed to. That's about all I can say because every time I asked, that's the same response I was given, followed by an angry scowl…ha.

Do you think Aundre Dean will get an equal share of the carries now that Wesley is gone or do you think we are looking at a two-way "thunder & lightning" type of scenario in 2012?

I don't think he will get the same amount of carries Wesley would've in 2012 but I can see him definitely getting more carries than he did last year. Dean is a bruiser and they could use him in goal line situations. Waymon James will get the bulk of carries this year in my opinion, I can see he and Tucker getting between 15-20 carries apiece per game.

Any more news on the potential transfer of David Jenkins?

Nothing new from what I reported last week. I did some more checking the last few days and everything I've been told is it's basically a done deal. He's visited (after his release from LSU) campus and TCU is the place he will be. Some paperwork just needs to be resolved and he should be in for the second summer session.

What is the real story with Chevoski Collins?

Apparently if you ask him and you're with the media TCU isn't in his top three. But I still trust what our guys overheard from his mouth and other recruits to where TCU stands. TCU is still in the hunt but unfortunately we haven't been able to reach him.

Does Walker commit to A&M help us with Manning?

One thing I've noticed about every interview with Manning is his consistency with mentioning TCU. It's the same thing with Mike Mitchell and it leads me to believe one thing, TCU is very much on their mind. So, I don't think Walker committing to A&M necessarily helps TCU with Manning because he already has a high interest in the Frogs, but it can't hurt.

Do you think we will see more of Matt Brown in Red Zone situations as a kind of waterbug version of the "Belldozer"?

The backup quarterback position will be interesting this fall. I've heard the gap between Boykin and Brown is a very, very small gap and in reality they're really considered 2A and 2B. If Boykin grasps the offense like he needs to, we could be seeing him getting the same kind of action Brown did out of the wild-Frog in 2012.

Next commit?

Well, I was wrong last time because I didn't predict Noteboom. But I did tell TCU fans that Noteboom would be a guy they're talking about more in the last mailbag. That deserves some sort of credit right? My crystal ball is a little murky but I'm still saying Texada will be the next guy in line. I'll check with him this week to get the latest.

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