Collins gives TCU high marks

TCU had over 400 prospects on campus last Friday for a one day camp including one of the state's top 2014 prospects; Dallas Skyline's Cedric Collins. He didn't work out but that doesn't mean he didn't enjoy himself while on campus.

When we last caught up with Dallas Skyline star corner Cedric Collins, he was preparing for the TCU camp. The 2014 prospect has already earned an offer from the Frogs and he wanted to put his talent on display for the TCU staff. Things didn't go quite as planned for Collins but he still enjoyed his visit.

"It was nice to get to talk to coach Patterson and coach Jennings again" said Collins. "I had to leave though because the person I came with got sick and we had to take him home. I didn't get to stay and do all the good stuff."

Collins says he had a high level in interest in TCU before the camp but says that he feels even stronger about the Horned Frogs after visiting with the staff again. The trip also gave him another chance to see the new state of the art facilities.

"I really like the weight room" he said. "They have really nice facilities even thought I didn't get to see everything."

"My interest is TCU is more than before" said the Skyline product. "I especially liked getting to talk to coach Patterson again; it just brought my interest up more."

With offers already on the table from TCU, Baylor, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas Tech, even more schools are making a run at the talented defender. He'll be visiting a couple of them later this summer.

"I leave Tuesday (for LSU)" said Collins. "And after the LSU camp, I'm going to Baylor."

"I'm just really hoping to see the coaches interacting with the players at the camp"

With a stack of early offers and more to surely come, Collins says a handful of programs are really standing out at this early juncture.

"Really Oklahoma, TCU, Nebraska, Baylor, Texas A&M, LSU and Notre Dame are the ones standing out."

With signing day about a year and a half away for Collins, the young star will surely be blitzed by offers throughout that time period. Which school will jump out and grab his attention the most? Stay logged on to to find out.

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