Q & A: Foltz talks at Big 12 Media Days

TCU offensive lineman Blaize Foltz met with the media at the Big 12 Media Days on Monday.

Hundreds of media members gathered at the Westin Galleria in north Dallas on Monday for the opening day of Big 12 media days. Coaches and players from five of the Big 12 schools, TCU, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Oklahoma and Kansas State all answered questions on how they feel their respective teams will perform for the 2012 season.

Plenty of buzz surrounded the new kids on the block; TCU. Representing the Frogs were quarterback Casey Pachall, offensive lineman Blaize Foltz and defensive ends Ross Forrest and Stansly Maponga.

Blaize Foltz was named to the Big 12 preseason team and has also been nominated for the 2012 All-State AFCA Good Works Team, an award that recognizes college football players that are committed to making a difference in their communities.

Foltz met with members of the media to discuss his thoughts on this year's football team.

What are your thoughts on the maturation of Casey the last couple of years?

"He performs, he's grown from being the next quarterback that took over Andy Dalton's job and he's shown everybody what he can do. He's actually a great player and a great leader. You saw that for example in the Boise game when he came back and had a phenomenal game. He did it all year and I'm sure he'll do the same thing this year."

That opener against Baylor is when the nation saw some of the fireworks, did that surprise even you guys to see him explode like that?

"We didn't expect it to be a shootout like it was; that's for sure. I don't think anyone knew how good RG3 was until after that first game, but Casey showed everybody what he can do."

What kind of leader is Casey, is he a rah-rah guy or more of a quiet guy?

"He's not really a rah-rah or quiet, he's a get in your face and do it type guy. He'll push you to do it too."

You have to replace three linemen from last year, how is that coming along?

"We're just trying to find people to take spots; we didn't have much depth in the spring because people got hurt. At one time we had eight linemen for two o-lines so we're just trying to find people to put into spots."

As a senior leader, who are some of the younger guys you see making a splash this year?

"All the young guys I thought really progressed. I know I'm biased but I thought my little brother (Brady Foltz) had the best spring of all of the younger guys. We'll see how it goes."

How good can you guys be on offense this year?

"As good as we want to be. Things have to lay out every game for us and the way we want it to be. It's all up to us in the end on how we perform."

How special is it for you to play against Kansas and Kansas State, how much emotion do you have?

"Deep down that's always been my drive and motivation. They always told me because I was a Kansas boy I wouldn't amount to anything so it was just added motivation. The KU game is the one I'm really looking forward to so I can show everybody back home."

Did Kansas recruit you?

"No and Kansas State said I was too small. It was the same way for my little brother too."

What's in like to have your little brother in the program and watch him develop into a D-1 caliber player?

"It's pretty cool, he's definitely caught on pretty fast. He listens to me and he listens to coach (Williamson). I can't take too much credit, the kid is good and he's bigger than I am now. I'm excited to see how he does this year."

Do you get the idea that with the games you are playing in the stadium it will bring a bigger buzz?

"I think you're right, they'll definitely be a bigger buzz and I think people will enjoy it."

When you picked TCU coming out of high school, what did the coaches tell you as far as BCS games and undefeated seasons?

"Our goal back then is the same as it is now; get to a bowl game and win a conference championship. The biggest thing I liked when I was getting recruited was the mentality; it was hardnosed and hit them in the mouth. That's how I always want to play on the field and that's how TCU plays."

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