Echols-Luper Impressed Again by TCU

Auburn, Alabama receiver Cameron Echols-Luper visited TCU for the second time this summer on Friday.

They say the first impression is the best impression, but in Cameron Echols-Luper's case, that may not be completely accurate. The talented athlete from Auburn, Alabama was in Ft. Worth on Friday for his second unofficial visit to TCU's campus this summer.

According to Echols-Luper, the second visit was equally impressive, if not better as he had the opportunity to see more of the everyday activities at the school.

"It's my second time coming to campus and it was beautiful once again, the visit went absolutely great," Echols-Luper said. "I got to see more of the student-body and a lot more people going to class and how their day goes by. A lot of players were there so I got to ask them as a football player what's their daily routine. It was a lot easier on my part for my questions to be answered."

The 6-foot, 185-pounder had a chance to re-visit some of the facilities that were still under heavy construction in early June, including the locker room. Nearly two months later, Echols-Luper was again impressed with what he saw.

"The locker room looks outstanding but I know it's not finished so I know it's going to look even more outstanding," he said. "I walked around the stadium a little bit, it looks good as well."

Echols-Luper had just one word to describe the new state of the art training room which features one of the largest hydrotherapy areas in the country.

"Unbelievable," he said.

TCU is recruiting Echols-Luper as a receiver and after his performance at the June 8th camp it's no surprise the Frogs staff sees him as an immediate contributor.

"Basically they're telling me that they see me coming in on the first day and competing for a starting job if not starting right away," he said of the TCU coaches' message on Friday. "They said I would get a lot of playing time early."

One view of Echols-Luper highlights has many Frog fans pointing out the obvious; he's a Jeremy Kerley clone. Kerley was one of the top kickoff and punt returners in TCU history not to mention an excellent receiver after a brilliant career playing quarterback in Hutto, Texas. Echols-Luper also plays quarterback for his team and has the ability to play receiver, safety or corner.

The comparisons of him and Kerley's game and work ethic were mentioned to him for the first time Friday on his visit.

"Actually today was the first day I heard it," he said of the comparisons to the former Frog great. "They brought his name up a lot and said we have some similarities as well on our work ethic."

Echols-Luper also made a visit to Texas A&M this week and says he can visit Auburn "anytime" he wants with his father as a coach. While some kids become more confused with the process after seeing schools multiple times, Echols-Luper is the opposite and credits that to being a coach's son. He says nothing has changed on his list of favorites and that Auburn, A&M and TCU all remain on equal ground for his services.

"This whole process isn't confusing at all, that's the good part about being a coach's son," he said. "It's not confusing because I know exactly what's going to happen and I know how to take it. It's easier for me and made a lot of things clearer.

"Everything is still the same, it's neck and neck."

With the start of the 2012 season just over a month away, Echols-Luper's decision is drawing closer.

"I think I'm going to make my decision before the season," he said.

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