Q&A with TCU Safety Sam Carter

The TCU safety is excited and ready to get started with the 2012 season. HornedFrogBlitz.com gets a few thoughts from the young defender.

One of the younger players that are expected to step up and contribute in 2012 is RS Sophomore, Sam Carter. The 6'1" 220 pound defender out of Alief Hastings will be counted on to make plays from the safety position to help the defense take that next step. He spoke with HornedFrogBlitz.com about the expectations of playing in the Big 12.

You're moving into a new league, how much pressure does the talent in the league, namely the quarterbacks in the Big 12, put on the defense?

Carter: "I feel like it's a lot of pressure but when you're prepared, I don't feel like it's too much pressure. When you have a coach like Gary Patterson, it makes it easy."

Have you had a chance to look at video of your opponents for the 2012 season?

Carter: "Yes sir, we've watched a lot of film and those guys are amazing. Those guys are fast but I think with our defense, we have to be on our "A" game every week to beat those guys. We respect them and we know our defense will have to stand up this year."

Talk about coach Glascow being back and bringing back knowledge of Big 12 offenses and what it means to have him back in the booth; working with the safeties?

Carter: "Coach Glasgow has changed the safeties tremendously. I'm not taking anything from coach Haverty but coach Glasgow was here when we went 13-0 and the knowledge that he has with the game, being in the Big 12 as a defensive coordinator, has helped us tremendously."

Question: Randy Shannon joins the staff, what kind of knowledge does he bring?

Carter: "He's amazing and I feel his name speaks for itself. Just listening to some of our linebackers after they talked to him, they say he just knows so much about the game and we would love to keep him here."

Talk about the excitement around the team for the 2012 season.

Carter: "I just feel we're ready, we have confidence and with the coaches we have, it would be a downgrade if we said weren't ready with the way that they've prepared us. I feel like as long as our coaches are prepared, and they prepare us, we have a chance every Saturday."

Where do you feel like you are as a player compared to a year ago?

Carter: "I'm way better than I was last year. Each and every day I learn something different about safety, coming from quarterback. My coaches, the other safeties, and the other players on the team have helped me tremendously."

Do you think knowing how a quarterback thinks has helped you as a safety?

Carter: "It has but Casey Pachall, Matt Brown, those guys are not the same types of quarterbacks that I saw in high school. You can take some of the things over but when you get on the college level, everybody is pretty good but Casey is amazing."

Question: How do you view Casey as far as a leader on this team?

Carter : "Oh Casey ‘s a leader man. We're behind Casey 100% and he's one of our leaders. Every Saturday, Casey shows up, and that's when it counts."

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