Q&A with TCU RB Waymon James

With 875 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2011, Waymon James is expected to be an offensive force in 2012. He averaged 7.2 yards per carry for one of the nation's most explosive offenses a year ago.

Coming off of a solid 2011 season, TCU RB Waymon James is expected to be a force for the Horned Frogs offense in 2012. After rushing for 875 yards and 6 TDs with a 7.2 yards per carry average, James has the spotlight shining brightly upon him. The talented runner spoke with HornedFRogBlitz.com to give his thoughts on things heading into the season.

Question: Talk about what's different this year heading into the season. Does the excitement level seem more intense that before?

Waymon James: "This year is just different. We're the new team on the block coming into the Big 12 and everybody's going to be gunning for us. Our backs are against the wall, everyone's going to come for us, but that's when we play our best ball. When all the chips are down, we fight, that's what we do."

Question: Talk about walking on to the new field for the first time for a game and can the team sense the excitement of the fan base?

Waymon James: "We can sense that the fans got our back. Like the whole Ft. Worth community is there, all the games are sold out, it's just going to be a new atmosphere. We're ready for it."

Question: Talk about this team compared to the last two teams here. Is this team ready to compete week in and week out in the Big 12?

Waymon James: "I think we can compete week in and week out. As long as we stay healthy we'll be good. This team is ready, we're going to show some people what we're all about."

Question: What can we expect to see from Waymon James this year?

Waymon James: "Man I trust in my teammates, I trust in my o-line, I trust in my receivers and they're going to do their job. They're going to do their best to block downfield and open holes for me. I trust them to do that and I'm going to do the best I can do."

Question: What is your confidence level for the young offensive line?

Waymon James: "I trust them, I believe in them, they're really smart kids and they're going to take care of business on and off the field. They know when they're on the field, they can't let us down."

Question: Perfect scenario for TCU. At the end of the year, where do you see the Horned Frogs?

Waymon James: "I think we'll be in the national championship. That's what we expect."

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