TCU PG Kyan Anderson Talks About New Coach

In his first interview since the coaching change, sophomore point guard Kyan Anderson talks with Alex Apple about the Frogs new head man and several other topics including what piece of advise from head coach Trent Johnson has stuck out the most.

TCU sophomore point guard Kyan Anderson was named Mountain West Conference freshman of the year last season. Averaging 8.3 points and 3 assists per game, Anderson stepped up against some of the Frogs toughest opponents.

On the road against San Diego State, Anderson put up 22 points for the Frogs in 36 minutes of action. He scored 20 and grabbed 6 boards on the road against UNLV as well.

With Hank Thorns gone, Anderson is not ready to take the reigns of a team heading into its first year of the Big 12.

I talked with Anderson about an array of topics in his first interview since Trent Johnson took over as head coach of the Frogs.

The first topic on the agenda: discussing the adjustment from Jim Christian to Trent Johnson.

"It has been going really well actually," Anderson said. "I am learning a lot from him, and he is teaching me a lot of things. Right now I am really just trying to learn from him and take in all that he has been telling me."

Anderson noted there are a lot of striking differences as well as some similarities to former head coach Jim Christian.

"One thing that I have noticed is different is that he will say something that needs to be done, and the way we react is way different than the way that Coach Christian used to get us to react," Anderson noted. "So he has strong authority over the guys."

"Maybe that is just everybody buying in, but he is very strong-minded about how he wants things," the Fort Worth native Anderson continued.

Anderson also admitted to learning a lot thanks to last year's senior point guard Hank Thorns who is now been signed for a tryout by the Memphis Grizzlies.

"He always told me that this day would come where it is time for me to step up, and Hank always tried to show me how things would be in certain situations, and I tried to take it all in," said Anderson. "He actually helped me to become a better basketball player on the go, as we were playing last season."

Anderson laughed when I asked him what he has worked on most this summer. His response: "everything."

"This summer I have just been trying to work on everything. You know, off the court, I've become a better student, a better teammate, and I'm doing everything I can possibly do to become the best person I can be," Anderson said.

Anderson will be joined in the backcourt by two new freshman guards this season: Clyde Smith and Charles Hill.

Smith is a native of Houston, Texas who held offers from Notre Dame, Stanford, and Northwestern among others. He is a combo guard that can play both the point position, and the two guard position. He is the best shooter the Frogs signed in the 2012 class.

Hill is a Fort Worth native who played at nearby Trimble Tech. His elite athleticism made him coveted by a multitude of high Division I programs. Hill nearly carried his under-sized Trimble Tech team to the state semifinals last season.

"They are coming in and learning on the run which is really good," Anderson said. "I am trying to show them things like Hank [Thorns] taught me. We have to be patient with them because [adjusting] takes time, but they both seem to listen really well."

"The adjusting to Coach Johnson is big because he runs a lot of sets," Anderson explained. "These guys are going to have to adjust pretty fast, and I'm helping because the sets that he is running are nothing new to me. I am used to running sets back in high school. And I am able to go over the plays with my father."

"As a team," said Anderson, "we are all adapting. We are still going to play fast, but we are going to play as fast as we can play well."?

A few weeks earlier in an interview, junior forward Amric Fields echoed noted the same philosophy of the new head coach. "Play as fast as you can play well."

"He says it every day, and that is something that we just all have to buy into. We all know we have to buy in, so everyone is just cooperating and adjusting to whatever [Trent Johnson] says," continued Anderson.

I then asked Anderson what he felt like he did best last year. As a freshman, adjusting to playing 30+ minutes a game in a high-major conference can be difficult, but Jim Christian said on a number of occasions that he never thought Anderson was overwhelmed.

"I felt like I brought a lot of energy," Anderson said. "I felt like that was something we were missing, and I just came in and tried to play my hardest on the court regardless of the situation. Just go out there and always play hard, and I feel like it rubbed off on a lot of people."

Anderson said he feels like now consistency of results will come as he steps into his sophomore year.

"Consistency, but at the same time I just have to go out there, and not necessarily be looking for shots, but just playing the best overall game I can possibly play."

"Really it just comes down to taking what is given to me," Anderson finished.

So what one piece of advise from Coach Johnson has stuck out in Anderson's mind?

"He told me, things like this take time," Anderson told me. "In the situation we are in, it is going to take time to get to [where we want] to be. My job is to keep everyone composed and focused on what we are trying to do."??"Coach Johnson tells me all the time to not get frustrated and take this process one day at a time," Anderson finished.

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