"No Positives"

TCU head coach Gary Patterson didn't have many positive words to describe his teams practice on Wednesday afternoon.

It took TCU head coach Gary Patterson just one word to describe his emotions after the Horned Frogs third practice of the fall Wednesday afternoon; poor.

Patterson said there were no positives in the practice in what he described as one of the worst practices he's coached in fifteen years on the job. He was very quick and to the point to the media on hand afterwards.

"Poor practice, we didn't handle the heat and we didn't handle the physical," he said. "We're a basketball team and not a football team; period. That's all I have to say, simple."

The head coach said for the third practice it lacked leadership and with the hot condition outside, his team lacked focus and didn't show the desire to be on the field.

"It wasn't a very physical practice, I'm not happy with many people," Patterson said. "There were no positives."

Patterson didn't attribute the lack of effort from his team due to the heat, noting since his time as a head coach every team has had to deal with hot conditions; even as high as 118-degrees.

"I've had fifteen teams play in this heat, same time and same practice schedule for the last fifteen years," he said. "I can go back through every practice and tell you how it was. Last year, practice number three was the worst practice in TCU history except the first year I practiced. This practice wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that much better."

The message to the team afterward was loud and clear; Patterson doesn't want to see a repeat performance from a year ago; especially early in the season.

"Bottom line to it, we better start playing better," Patterson said. "We can't play like we did the first four games we did last year, that's what I told them.

The team will scrimmage on Saturday and for now Patterson doesn't know exactly what he's looking for in the scrimmage, he just knows his team better be ready.

"We've got a long way to go so I don't know. I hope I have somebody left by then. I'm getting ready to turn up the knob," he finished.

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