Hit and Miss at Saturday Scrimmage

The Frogs went through a two-hour scrimmage on Saturday inside Amon G. Carter Stadium.

The Horned Frogs went through a two-hour scrimmage on Saturday inside Amon G. Carter Stadium but it lacked the same performance from an earlier scrimmage this week according to head coach Gary Patterson.

The coach quickly pointed out that his defense started well, but failed to finish like they did in Wednesday's scrimmage.

"The offense was better than the defense today, but the defense started fast...We worked on everything today except for overtime," Patterson said. "Defensively we have got to keep rotating. We didn't have as good of a pass rush today. We have got to tackle and we can't give up the big plays. The other day we went 100 plays and gave up 2 big plays. That was it defensively. Today we gave up 3-4 for and we can't do that."

The defense did have their moments though Patterson recalled.

"We picked Casey today throwing a slant, and the linebacker, Paul Dawson, stepped in front of it for a touchdown," he said. "I just don't like right now that we have our moments. We have got to acquire depth."

Offensively, Patterson says depth has to be built along the offensive line and as he mentioned on Wednesday, his tight ends need to be more physical.

"We have no depth at the offensive line. We have to find five starters. We are not close to where we need to be there," he said. "Tight end, we're not physical. We're not where we need to be to play in this league."

Patterson said the positive from Saturday's scrimmage was plenty of reps for the first and second teams and most importantly, no major injuries. However, he mentioned Skye Dawson was "about knocked out" on a punt return on a vigorous hit.

"The biggest thing that came out of this is the one's got 37, two's got 37 and we had over a hundred play scrimmage and we did live kicking," he said. "We didn't cart anybody off."

The punt return game battled several mishaps in 2011, mostly coming from bobbled catches. In two weeks of practices, Patterson says he's been satisfied with the way his return game has performed.

"I think it is good. We have worked hard at it," he said.


Patterson told the media on Saturday that redshirt freshman Trevone Boykin has been named the Frogs #2 quarterback behind Casey Pachall. The 6-foot-1, 215-pounder received reps with the first team offense on Saturday.

"He can run and throw, he's a faster runner and has got a good arm," he said of Boykin. "The key is; I never judge quarterbacks until Saturdays." Patterson says Matt Brown will still receive reps at quarterback but will also work as a wide receiver, which he started doing over a week ago.


Patterson is known not to reflect much on preseason rankings; quickly pointing out that it's the rankings in December that matter, not the ones in August. The coach said his team didn't perform to their top 25 ranking on Saturday, but he sees an improvement in certain areas on his team from a year ago.

"Hopefully we'll try to back it up, today was not a backup day; Wednesday was," Patterson said of his team's AP ranking. "I can tell you this. We are better on defense than we were a year ago. I don't know what that means though. Because you played 3-4 big games now we're going to play a bunch of them. So where is reality? I think we're better depth wise. At corner we don't have a lot of depth but safety we're growing up and at linebacker we're really thin, Heiss and Hasley are still not back but it's been great because A.J. Hilliard and Paul Dawson have got to take reps and have gotten better in the last week.


While he hasn't performed as well as he did earlier this week, Patterson says true freshman Deante' Gray is showing steady progression and had another big play on Saturday.

"He's good. Had a good day two days ago, and then had a not very good day yesterday," he said. Today was alright, but every day he has gotten better. Like today he had a pick for a touchdown."


- Josh Boyce and Brandon Carter handled kickoff return duty. Cam White and B.J. Catalon handled second team duties.

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