Coleman Off To A Hot Start

Denver Mullen defensive end Timothy Coleman started the 2012 season with a bang as he helped his team defeat #1 Valor Christian on Friday night.

Denver Mullen defensive end Timothy Coleman had two goals in mind as his team opened the season on Friday night against the #1 team in the state. First, it was to help his team win and second was to prove he has what it takes to be a D-1 defensive end.

His first goal was accomplished as Mullen upset Valor Christian 14-13 and as far as proving he's a D-1 prospect, he's well on his way.

"Last night was one of our biggest games against our rival school, Valor Christian. They were the #1 team in the state and had two D-1 prospects on offense, Luke Del Rio and Christian McCaffery and we shut them down," he said. "I had three sacks, two forced fumbles and about four tackles for loss."

It had been since junior high when Coleman last played at defensive end. He's spent the last three years at Mullen as an offensive lineman. As a matter of fact, he spent the last few drives of the game on offense to help his team secure the win with a pair of key first downs.

It was obviously a tremendous start of the 2012 season for Coleman as he hopes to catch the eye of college recruiters. His coaches said he had a good game and look for him to do even better the next time out.

"My coaches said I played great and they want to see me do better next week," Coleman said.

We're not sure how much better he can get but Coleman says he will answer the call.

His recruitment is going well at the moment as he's secured an offer from Northern Colorado while receiving interest from TCU, Colorado and Wyoming. Coleman attended TCU's June 8th camp and since that time he's had a few discussions with his recruiter.

"Coach Williamson says he wants to see my first few games first, he wants to see my highlight reel because he wants to see me at defensive end."

Coleman said he hopes to make some official visits to various programs during the season.

"Hopefully I can get a break up here and go down and attend a TCU game, I know for sure I'm attending a CU (Colorado) game and Northern Colorado game and maybe Wyoming," Coleman said.

While he continues to draw interest from different schools, Coleman doesn't hesitate for an instance when naming his top school and why it stands out above the others.

"TCU is where I want to be," Coleman said. "It's just the atmosphere at TCU and how they go about their business. I like the coaching staff a lot and how they do things out there. Plus, my dad lives in Texas too."

Mullen will travel to California on September 7th to battle De La Salle on ESPN.

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