Baltimore Ready For 2012 Season

TCU commit George Baltimore and his Mansfield teammates will open the season this Friday against Arlignton Bowie.

Mansfield, Texas safety George Baltimore is just one of thousands of high school players getting ready to kickoff they're 2012 this week in Texas. The TCU commit is one of several Tiger returners from 2011 when they advanced to the class 5A regional semifinals.

For Baltimore, he's excited at the experience his team returns and says they're ready to get the season started.

"We're all fired up; we've been together since the eighth grade. Every year we've been taking that step to get closer to state," he said. "This year I think we have 40-something seniors out of 50-60 players on the team. We're ready."

Baltimore is one of the senior leaders but that's nothing new to him with the teammates he's grown up with the last few years. He knows his last year of high school ball will pass by quickly so he's anxious to meet his team's expectations while having a little fun doing so.

"I've been a captain since I was a freshman, this year is no different it's go hard or go home. The most games we can play this year is sixteen and it's going to go by fast," Baltimore said. "We have to do one game at a time and just have fun."

Mansfield opens the season this Friday against Arlington Bowie and fellow TCU commit Steve Wesley. Baltimore says it will be a tough test to face one of the top offenses in the state in the opener.

"They're fast, they like to throw hitches and bubbles, and they like to get it out wide. We really haven't seen them run it much up the gut," Baltimore said of Bowie. "They're fast; once they run a play they run back to the line and get another play going. We're preparing for them by watching a lot of film."

Baltimore is looking forward to seeing Wesley on Friday but is quick to admit that their friendship will be gone until after the game is complete.

"Before the game we'll shake hands but during the game we'll be enemies, we have to be," he said of he and Wesley. "But, after the game we'll shake hands again and in another nine to ten months we'll be playing on the same field together. It's all love but at the same time we've got to shine for our teams."

Baltimore plans to attend all the home games at TCU this fall and is excited about the Frogs first year in the Big 12. Although there are many skeptics on how the Frogs will compete in their first year in the conference, Baltimore is confident the Frogs will open some eyes.

"A lot of people are saying TCU will get killed this year, I don't think that at all, I think they're going to do just fine," he said. "It's our first year so we've got to get our feet wet, but I still thing TCU is going to do great. I love the move from the Mountain West; it's going to be great competition every week."

TCU recently released their depth chart and fifteen redshirt or true freshmen are on the two deep. Baltimore is well aware of the youth getting early playing time and says it's something he's looking forward to if he does what he needs to do to play.

"Oh yeah, the coaches told me that multiple times, I've had players playing right now telling me that," he said. "I have a pretty good chance to getting on the field early. I'm not taking that as I'm going to walk in and get it, I'm going to grind day in and day out to at least get on the field."

The Frogs' 2013 commits have already formed a tight bond. They communicate often through Facebook and Twitter and regularly communicate with prospects who are considering TCU. What's the message he gives to potential commits?

"I tell them TCU is where they need to be. If they're smart, they'll come here," Baltimore finished.

Mansfield and Bowie will be in action Friday at 7:30pm at Arlington's Wilemon Field.

Jeremy Clark has covered TCU football and recruiting since 2005. He spent seven years with another recruiting service before joining the FoxSports/ family in February 2012. He has made appearances on FoxSports Southwest and the NFL Network and radio stations nationwide in his nearly eight years of covering the Frogs.
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