Patterson Speaks After Wednesday Practice

Gary Patterson talks about Wednesday's practice, preparation for Kansas, and the cohesiveness of his 2012 squad.

As the TCU Horned Frogs prepare for their weekend affair with the Kansas Jayhawks, Gary Patterson said their Wednesday practice was good. Meanwhile, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis did his best to lower expectations for his team.

"You have to play on Saturday," Patterson said. "It takes two years to know how everyone talks and how they do things."

Patterson said that one thing helping his football team is finally having tape of his players in live game action.

"You can't substitute for live game action," Patterson said.

"It's like B.J. Catalon. When he started two-a-days, he wasn't real tough running through holes, and the way he ran in middle drills Tuesday, yesterday, after playing in the ball game the other night was completely different," Patterson said.

"Young guys have to learn it's a process. He did really well in the ball game, and did really well in middle drill."

As for another youngster, redshirt freshman Ladarius Brown, Patterson said that coverage simply dictated that he did not catch a pass in The Opening game vs. Grambling State.

"I think hopefully you'll see him get involved more and more into what's going on," Patterson said.

For any coach to be successful, he must adapt to his team's personality and strengths as much as the players must adjust to their coach.

I asked Patterson how much fun he is having coaching this team.

"Oh I don't know. I'll tell you when we get to the end of the season," Patterson said. "They are good people. They are good kids. This group's chemistry is a lot closer together than what last year's was."

The Horned Frogs will leave at 11 a.m. Friday morning and stay in Kansas City this weekend.

"It's a 120 yard stadium, 55 yards wide, the only thing we do [to acclimate] is put on the cleats and see how they are in the turf. If you are going to Wyoming, then it's a lot different," Patterson said.

TCU's head man was sure not to minimize the importance of that game. He said it was a conference game that his team must go win like any other.

Patterson's career in Professional Football

Gary Patterson was once the coach of the Oregon Lightening Bolts, a professional football team in a league that folded before its first game.

"The league folded before our first game," Patterson said. "I was out of work and without a paycheck."?

Quite a long way I've come, Patterson explained with a smile.

Quite a long way, indeed.

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