2014 RB Getting Heavy Interest

Pflugerville Hendrickson is home to one of the state's best kept secrets, Samaje Perine. That won't last too much longer as programs from across the country have descended on the Texas town that sits less than 20 miles north of Austin.

The state of Texas is known for producing amazing talent at the running back position year in and year out. 2014 will be no different and Samaje Perine out of Pflugerville Hendrickson is making sure of it. The 5'11" 215 pound runner is already turning the heads of some of the top programs in the country, so we're getting the answers to the biggest questions. Where does TCU stand, how is his recovery going from his knee injury a year ago, and how is the recruiting process playing out?

"I feel pretty good" said Perine. "I feel like I've contributed to the team and I feel that they're backing me up on it quite a bit. The coaches are telling me that I'm back to my old self after this last game, so it's going pretty good."

Coming off of a game that saw him carry the ball 27 times for 230 yards, it would be easy to say that Perine is definitely all the way back from his injury. The talented runner says while he's feeling good up to this point, he thinks he has a little more left in the tank.

"I feel like I still have a little room for improvement but for the most part, I feel pretty good" he said. "It feels ok, but I still get that little tweak here and there but I feel pretty good."

With an offer on the table from Purdue, Perine says he's appreciative of the programs that are still recruiting him. While some schools may have been scared away by his injury, the big back has plenty of others knocking down his door in hopes of signing the talented Texan.

"Most of the same schools are recruiting me" he said. "Baylor, Oregon and Alabama are the ones that have been on me the most though."

"I've received something from almost every school in the country so far but I'm receiving more and more from Baylor, Alabama and Oregon all the time now. Those are my top three schools."

As far as TCU interest goes, Perine says nothing has changed since our last update with him a couple of months ago.

"I haven't heard from TCU these past couple of months" said Perine. "Early on, I was hearing from them but since Coach Haverty moved (recruiting areas), I haven't heard from them."

While TCU may be looking in another direction at running back in 2014, Samaje Perine will no doubt have numerous offers to sift through before signing day 2014.

Will TCU enter the picture for the game breaking back or will an out of state school swoop in and steal him away? Stay logged on to HornedFrogBlitz.com to find out.

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