Trent Johnson Gets His Man

TCU head basketball coach Trent Johnson landed another top player Monday night with the commitment of Karviar Shepherd.

Ray Forsette, the high school head coach of Karviar Shepherd, told HornedFrogBlitz that Karviar Shepherd (ranked no. 46 by Fox Sports NEXT) committed to TCU because "he wants to be a part of something special."

Shepherd is a 6'9 center who attends Prime Prep Academy.

"Karviar is a great kid for TCU. He has been through a lot of adversity, but he is a great kid off the court," Forsette said. "He is just a fighter, and that is going to help Coach Johnson because he brings a fighting mentality."

Forsette said that Shepherd's success can be attributed to his toughness and willingness to work hard.

Shepherd's best asset is his rebounding, but he has added a 5-10 foot jump shot to his repertoire which has increased his offensive potency as well.

"You want a guy that is going to play hard defensively," Forsette says. "For a big man, he really takes charge; he is going to step over and rebound; he loves contact. He's a physical presence, and when he is out there playing, that is his paint."

"He sets the tone for everyone else on the court," Forsette said.

"What's crazy is that off the court, he laughs and jokes, but on the court, he puts his hard hat on and knows its time to go to work. He's a guy that works on his game and wants to be successful."

"Coach Johnson, Coach Pooh, Coach Brent Scott, those guys worked at it hard as far as his recruitment," Forsette said. "They busted their butt giving him their time."

Forsette said that Shepherd wanted to stay close to home, and he also was impressed with Trent Johnson's reputation as a developer of big men.

"He's had the Lopez twins before (at Stanford), and [Johnson] is a great coach," Forsette explained. "Karviar wants to be a part of something special."

Shepherd chose TCU over Kansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas and Baylor.

"This is a great situation for Karviar to go into a situation and be successful and bring TCU basketball back," said Forsette.

Forsette also explained how Trent Johnson gains trust with recruits just by being himself.

"Coach Johnson really gives Karviar a chance to be successful," Forsette finished.

Karviar Shepherd becomes the second player in Trent Johnson's 2013 class. He joins Arlington Seguin guard Brandon Parrish.

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