Patterson to donate 100k to alcohol support

Gary Patterson announced that Casey Pachall will disenroll from Texas Christian University for the fall semester. Says Pachall will be allowed back if he comes back a changed man.

Gary Patterson and his wife Kelsey will donate $100,000 to an alcohol and drug abuse support program that has been started at Texas Christian University.

"TCU Recovery and Support Group" is the organization, and Patterson said he wants to help "escalate the program to where it becomes more prominent on this campus."

Patterson said the support group was founded at the beginning of the 2012 fall semester.

Patterson's decision to help fund the group came in conjunction with his decision to allow Casey Pachall to attend rehab during the fall semester.

Patterson met with Chancellor Victor Boschini as well as Casey Pachall and his family. "I didnt tell Casey that you have to do this," Patterson said. "He had to make this decision for himself. I wanted to make sure he knew that he would have an opportunity to come back here. You have to have hope.

Patterson said that he wants to take the Casey Pachall situation and help it benefit not only Casey's life but the lives of kids on college campuses across the country.

"For those of you that think it is all about wins and losses: Wrong," Patterson said.

Patterson said he gave profound thought to how to best help the life of Casey Pachall.

"I've never made decisions about what's best for me," Patterson said in explaining how his concern is to provide Pachall with lasting support.

Patterson was surprised with how "nearsided some people are about these decisions". Patterson said his decision was not just about "one young man's life, but its 124 other kids lives."

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