San Antonio PG nears decision

HornedFrogBlitz talks with Michael Williams, one of the top players from San Antonio in the class of 2013. Williams talks TCU visit and his impending decision

San Antonio point guard Michael Williams has finished his official visits and will make a decision between TCU, Penn, and Utah "within the next week."

Williams' official visit to TCU took place the weekend of the Virginia football game.

"The atmosphere was loud. It was crazy, a lot of people. Of course TCU pretty much killed them, but it was really fun," said Williams who is considered one of the top guards from San Antonio.

"The team is great as are the coaches. I thought the campus was really nice, beautiful campus," Williams said. "They have really good academics. Right now I am looking at majoring in finance which Penn and TCU both have."

Williams said that he was able to look at TCU's Neeley School of Business and talk with one of the deans as well.

"We talked about the classes that I'd have to take and exactly what I would have to do to accomplish them," Williams said.

The first visit that Williams took was to Penn.

"It went really well. The coaching staff and the team are great," Williams said. "I got to spend a lot of time with all of them, and my parents and I really enjoyed it."

"The team really [stood out]. They were all great guys. The environment at the school and the support that everyone has for basketball means the players are kind of ‘the' guys on campus," Williams said.

The visit that most surprised Williams was the one to Utah.

"Utah is a beautiful place; the campus is really big. It was really nice compared to not having been there before. I really liked it," Williams said.

"The people that they have working there stood out. They have weight coaches; the trainers; they have nutrition coaches. They had all these refrigerators every where with the correct protein and nutrition. The facilities, they really blew me away," Williams said.

The 6'3 smooth shooting point guard says he will now sit down with his parents and weigh the pluses and minuses.

"I will put everything down on paper, what I like and don't like, and I will just think about where I can see myself going and just go from there," said Williams.

Planning to decide within the next week, Williams said that relationship with coaches could play a factor in his final decision.

"Coach [Guerinoni] has been recruiting me since he first got to TCU. He texted me and said they were going to watch me and had heard about me," Williams said. "He's a really good guy and likes to crack the jokes too."

"Coach Johnson has seen me play a lot, and he has pointed out what he likes about me a lot, and we've talked about things I can improve on and how we're gonna get there. He is really good at looking at the basketball specific stuff and helping me get there," Williams finished.

As for head coach Jerome Allen at Penn, Williams said what Allen talks, you listen.

"He usually doesn't have a lot to say, but when he says something, it is usually something profound," Williams said.

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