Wednesday Practice Recap

Gary Patterson touches on stopping the Baylor offense as well as following the lead of Trevone Boykin. TCU will travel to Waco Saturday to face a potent Baylor offense

Gary Patterson said that his last two days of practice have been "good."

Below is a run down of Patterson's comments on Wednesday's practice, Baylor, and this Saturday's game:

Will Tayo be back on the field Saturday?

GP: I think so. He had asthma. He played a lot last week though so it's not a big deal.

Will the offensive line continue to shuffle?

GP: I think you'll see people shuffling for the next eight [games]. That's just part of the deal.

How do you think the team will rally around Trevone Boykin?

GP: We'll see Saturday. We had 450 yards last week. It's not as if we were decimated. We had 450 yards with a guy who practiced one day at quarterback. I don't know how we'll do. A lot of it will depend on Baylor, but all we care about is winning by one point. Whether it's 53 or 20, the defense is supposed to hold them to 52 or 19. That's their job.

When facing an offense like Baylor, is your message to the defense just that you have to simply execute better at everything you do?

GP: Well we held them to 10 points two years ago. We have played these offenses before, and there are going to be offenses like Baylor the rest of the way. You've got to find a way to make them kick field goals like I said before the season started. They are going to catch balls. The key to it is no big plays, and in the redzone, you've got to make them kick field goals.

Is Baylor's offense any different with Griffin not there and Florence in?

GP: No. [Florence] is number one in total yards in the nation. I'd say he's better to be honest with you. He's more as a thrower. He gets the ball out of his hand quicker, and the key is he has great wide receivers. Great wide receivers. I'm talking three NFL wide receivers. At least 3 of the 4. They are good players: fast like Skye Dawson or Josh Boyce, but the only difference between Terrence [Williams] and him is that Terrence is about 6'2 instead of 5'11. It's hard to cover.

Has Tucker's status improved the last couple of days?

GP: Well we'll see Saturday. He's practiced the last couple of days. We're just moving forward every day trying to get better.

When Baylor runs what do they do well in the run game?

GP: Well they do a read zone, and then they do what we call cheetos where they pull the guard and they read [the defense] with the quarterback. They are a little bit like all one back offenses.

How involved do you think Matt Brown will be Saturday?

GP: I don't know. It's Trevone Boykin right now.

Gary Patterson also said that fans can donate to the same alcohol and substance abuse support group that he and his wife Kelsey donated to by contacting Gloria Robinson with TCU Student Affairs.

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