5 Questions: Baylor

TCU travels to Waco this Saturday in a battle against Baylor.

TCU travels to Waco on Saturday to face off against the 3-1 Bears. Both teams are coming off losses but Baylor has had two weeks to prepare for the Horned Frogs. But, have they bounced back from scoring 63 points and losing to West Virginia. We caught up with BearIllustrated.com writer Tim Watkins to get the Bears' point of view for this week's match up.

1. What's the mood like from the team after the West Virginia loss and how much are they looking forward to playing this game?

Florence leads the #2 ranked offense in the nation
Frustrated I think would be a good word to describe the team. The offense is frustrated that 63 points aren't enough to win a game, and the defense is frustrated that, well, they couldn't stop West Virginia at all. There is some tension between the offense and the defense, but that might not be a bad thing. The defense has to do a better job of at least slowing down the opposition. They did that at the end of last year by getting turnovers. The defense is built on the bend-don't-break philosophy, but has always played better when it is aggressive and going hard. Last year, the secondary showed it could create turnovers, especially late in the season. They have to get that swagger back, while the offense just needs to keep doing what it has been doing.

2. The Bears have the #2 offense in the country, what is it that makes them so potent offensively?

Can I just say Art Briles? He is an offensive genius and someone that just understands how to get his best players the ball, but also, how to get them the ball in space and in a position to make a big play. He is also one of the best developers of quarterback talent in college football. These are the quarterbacks he has had in college: Kevin Kolb, Case Keenum, Robert Griffin III, and Nick Florence. Anytime you can have that caliber of talent leading your offense, you have a chance to be very good on that side of the ball.

3. The defense has had some problems this season, what's been the biggest reason for the letdown on that side of the ball?

I think it is still a talent issue, as the Bears just don't have great talent across the field on that side of the ball. They have very little depth and talent at the defensive tackle position, and have lost a few players in the front four as well, including two starters going into fall practice, Tevin Elliott and Kaeron Johnson. The Bears have also not gotten any semblance of a pass rush, as they have no one that has proven the ability to consistently get pressure on the quarterback or demand a double team. This has left their secondary the impossible task of covering wide receivers for 5-8 seconds.

4. It's kind of surprising not to see more of Lache Seastrunk involved in the offense, is there a reason he's not being utilized more?

Ahmad Dixon leads the Bears defense
Lache has had a few opportunities, but there are concerns about his understanding of the full playbook and also his blitz pickups. He is behind a 5th year senior and a 4th year junior that has been in the system for years. Briles also demands that his runners hit the hole hard and get up field. Lache likes to dance a bit and make every play a home run. I imagine he will continue to get more reps in practice and carries in each game this year, but he still has a long way to go to reach his full potential.

5. What's the key for Baylor to come out with the win on Saturday?

Baylor has to play with an edge and with passion on both sides of the ball. Too often, the Bears fall into a lull on defense where they couldn't stop a junior high school football team. They have to keep that edge and make plays. Turnovers will be a big part of this game, and the Baylor defense forces turnovers when things are going well. Add that to TCU's propensity to turn it over so far this season, and with a few extra possessions, the Bears should get a win.

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