New Basketball Commit has a promise to TCU

San Antonio point guard Michael Williams, one of Texas high school basketball's most underrated players, says he is honored to play for head coach Trent Johnson, and he has a direct promise to TCU fans and teammates.

San Antonio point guard Michael Williams has committed to TCU. Williams is the third commit in Trent Johnson's 2013 class.

Williams is the second commit of the week for Trent Johnson. Williams' commitment comes just days after TCU received a commit from center Karviar Shepherd.

Michael Williams is a smooth shooting point guard who is known for his leadership and savvy playmaking ability.

"It came down to the coaches and players just created a family environment that I was looking for, and that really got my attention," Williams said. "With the campus and the people at the university, it's all so nice and really welcoming."

"The fact that TCU is close to home and my family can go to the game, and if I want to see them one weekend, it's just a two and a half or three hour drive to go see them," Williams continued.

Williams said Trent Johnson has outlined his vision for Williams' tenure at TCU.

"He wants me to be a leader and be an extension of him on the court," Williams said. "He also is really looking at me to be more of a scorer. He likes the fact that I can shoot the ball and get people open."

What would Williams say to TCU fans? Well he has a Tebow-esque promise for them.

"I can't promise that I'm gonna average 20 points per game, but I can promise that I will get things done right and make our team the best that we can be in every aspect," Williams said.

"I'll push myself and my teammates to be the best that we can in all that we do. If we do that, I feel like we can be a really good team. It just comes down to working hard."

The 6'3 point guard went on to say that he can feel momentum forming with Coach Johnson and the commitments for Karviar Shepherd and Brandon Parrish as well.

"I feel like anyone would be honored to have [Trent Johnson] as their coach. I already have a couple of tweets from Brandon and Karviar saying congrats, and I know that we are all excited to play for Coach Johnson and represent him on the court," said Williams.

Williams took his official visit to TCU during the Virginia football game.

He told HornedFrogBlitz Tuesday, ""Coach [Guerinoni] has been recruiting me since he first got to TCU. He texted me and said they were going to watch me and had heard about me. He's a really good guy and likes to crack the jokes too."

"Coach Johnson has seen me play a lot, and he has pointed out what he likes about me a lot, and we've talked about things I can improve on and how we're gonna get there. He is really good at looking at the basketball specific stuff and helping me get there," Williams finished.

Williams will major in finance at TCU. He spoke with several deans and members of TCU's Neeley School of Business. The team is great as are the coaches. I thought the campus was really nice, beautiful campus," Williams said. "They have really good academics. Right now I am looking at majoring in finance which Penn and TCU both have."

Williams joins Karviar Shepherd and Brandon Parrish in TCU's 2013 class. Trent Johnson continues to make headlines by hauling in some of Texas' top prep talent.

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