Fields, Anderson, Abron talk after practice

Abron, Anderson, and Fields talk about the new coaching staff, the first few days of practice, and the differences between the old and new coaching staffs

As the TCU basketball team wrapped up their 7 a.m. Practice, Tuesday morning, spoke with Amric Fields, DeVonta Abron, and Kyan Anderson to discuss the first week of practice under new head coach Trent Johnson.

"I think it is going good," forward Amric Fields said. "Our energy is good."

Fields who has added 10 pounds of weight and muscle since last season said that Coach Johnson has added a lot of intensity to the program.

"It's a lot more intense," Fields said. "Not to take anything away from Coach Christian, but I think Coach Johnson is just a different breed as far as intensity, making sure we are sprinting everywhere and making sure we are sharp mentally as well as physically."

Sophomore point guard Kyan Anderson echoed Fields' sentiment.

"It is really different and really intense. We are just trying to go through it and learn as much as we can so far," Anderson said. "Everyone is buying in so that is good."

"I feel like we're a bigger, faster, stronger team," Anderson continued.

As for how long it took Fields and his teammates to adjust to Coach Johnson, the answer is obvious.

"Not long because if you don't you'll be running," the junior Fields said.

"We feel like this is a group of coaches that know how to win, so we're gonna listen," Anderson said.

Amric Fields believes the added structure and organization is just what the team needed.

Each player on the team has admittedly taken several valuable lessons from the new coaching staff.

"Just getting in the gym early and waking up; they're showing me that I love the game," sophomore center Devonta Abron said. "And they're showing me how much they care for me, and they want me to get to the next level with hard work."

Point guard Anderson said that the game has slowed down a lot for him as a sophomore, and Coach Johnson has preached consistency.

Amric Fields, now a junior, said he feels like his biggest offseason strides were made in strength and confidence.

Abron filled a distinct need for TCU when he was declared eligible to play immediately for TCU. Abron received a waiver to play immediately since he transferred to be closer to his son and ailing uncle.

"Well there is no I in team, but I just feel like I can help the other big men out to take care of our house and the paint," Abron noted.

Abron said he also brings toughness and a bulldog mentality. "I just play tough and not let anyone go up easy. If they go up, they're going to get fouled or get it blocked."

The physical presence of Abron will help freshman center Aaron Durley who Abron says is going to have to adjust to the new speed of the college level.

"I knew that I could work with him, and he is coming along from high school to college; I just have to keep working with him," Abron said. "We all have to get used to the pace here. Coach Johnson tells me every day to go get it, and take no plays off."

On the same note, Kyan Anderson has been impressed with the skills of freshmen guard Charles Hill and Clyde Smith.

"Clyde is another guy that I feel like is going to learn really fast and be an early bloomer. He understands the game really well," Anderson said. "With Charles I feel like it is just confidence. If he can keep his confidence there, he can shoot; he'll need to play harder defense, but if he continues to keep that confidence, he'll be fine."

Quote of the day:

Devonta Abron on why he is such a good rebounder: "I was just born that way; it's natural."

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