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TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the big game against Texas Tech this week.


"For us it's a big game, I'd have to say if you look at Texas Tech, they've played up to this point better than we have. You have a common opponent in Iowa State, they beat them at home. They had a big win against West Virginia and they've played some tough opponents and they're still 5-1. We have a tough challenge on our hands. We'll get ready to go just like we did last week. Last week everyone was throwing in the towel."

Patterson is impressed with Doege's play thus far
Was there any one time last week in practice where you knew they honed in on things?

"I felt like it was the first time we practiced like we really needed to. We really worked on the up tempo; good on good was really good. That's what you have to do if you want to win week after week in this league. You have to be ready to play."

Can you talk about the process for Trevone (Boykin) in facing one of the best defenses?

"It hasn't changed, you got to go play. The week before he turned the ball over and this week we were able to run the ball and we didn't turn the ball over and he did a great job of running the offense. There's a big difference between the schematics of Tech's offense and defense and Baylor's offense and defense. Every week presents a new problem."

Do you expect this to be a tough defensive game?

"No, but I think both defenses will play a part. I think the team that can create takeaways and get stops is going to be critical. Playing these kinds of games comes down to how you play in the red zone. Don't give up big plays and how do you play in the red zone. You've got to make people kick field goals."

How much does having Chad (Glasgow) back help you this week?

"No more than what they have, they worked against the defense last year and he worked against the offense. So, not that much more."

What do you see is the biggest difference in Tech and the reason they've been able to improve defensively?

"They have a lot of returning starters and I think Coach Kaufman and his group came in with a wealth of experience and done a great job. They brought in some new JC guys. But, I don't think it's just their defense, they're running the ball better, they're physical up front, they're big and they throw the ball around. Obviously the quarterback has done a great job. You've got to give them positives for everything they've done up to this point."

What are you impressions of their quarterback (Seth Doege)?

"Good, he's been around for a while. He doesn't make a lot of bad decisions and he can scramble and get himself out of problems. There's a reason why they've won ball games."

What did you learn about your defense last week with them being challenged?

"You're going to be challenged in this league throwing the football. One touchdown was knuckleheads and one was my fault. I called a blitz and put a safety on Terrance Williams which wasn't a very smart move. We didn't call that ever again. Everybody has a guy that can go in this league. For us the key is to keep getting better. I don't even talk to them about yardage, I talk to them about points and stops and I'm proud of them; I think we lead the nation right now in takeaways. When we have played passing teams we've had success."

Are your players aware that last year this team didn't want to play you?

"It wasn't that their team didn't want to play us. Their coach just said because they were young it would be better to schedule a different way and that's the way I took it. They're upset set with us right now and saying it's a revenge game because they said we said they were chicken. Nobody at TCU, not Gary Patterson, not my team, nobody said that. It can be for the fans and media people but outside of that I'm going to go play a ball game on Saturday. But everyone changes games, the Arkansas game has been pushed back about ten times and nobody makes a big deal out of that. Everybody does it. Coaches make business decisions, there's no such thing as a coach or team that doesn't want to go play somebody. They do it so you can have a better business model."

Where do you see this team and how they've responded?

"We're hitting the grind. I thought they were still sluggish coming off the Iowa State game, I didn't think until the afternoon the last walk thru before we got on the bus to go over to Baylor, because the morning walk thru wasn't good. When we're dealing with a young football team, I'll take every minute. We have never walked thru when we got off the bus here at the stadium, we've always gone to the locker room. But, I'll promise you there's a great chance we're walking thru the indoor with this group. The last 2:30 game we played here, we didn't play very well. I've got to get my group ready to go and how we do that is a big deal."

How is Stansly Maponga?

"It'll probably be the rest of the season because he‘s got a foot injury it will be how he can tolerate the pain. At some point in time after the season he's probably going to have to have surgery, it's the same thing he had as a freshman in his other foot. How he tolerates will depend on whether he can play. So, every week he's going to be a game time decision to be honest with you. Josh Carraway is a guy that we'll start working in our two-a-days, we wanted to redshirt him as a defensive end but we'll start working him this week just to prepare for the next six ball games. I just assume redshirt him because he has a tremendous upside. If it means Stansly can't go the rest of the season, we have to have another defensive end."

What about Matthew Tucker?

Catalon pleased the coach with his play against Baylor
"Tucker played last week. But he's got to get himself healthy and if he's not careful B.J. (Catalon) is going to take his job. B.J. has done a good job."

On the Tech game and what he wants from the TCU fan base...

"I think it's going to be an unbelievable atmosphere as far as the stadium is concerned, probably the best since the 2009 Utah game. We're excited about that because I think it helps your players. I like playing against great competition and Tech has a very good football team. I think you find out about your football team and what you're trying to do. It's just one of those games where we find out what we can do.

"I'm going to tell you this, I need the emotion of that crowd I had at Baylor. The ones that were there were loud. Our kids noticed it and it made a difference with them. We need our stadium to be exactly the same way. The last time we played them here in 2006 there were more Red Raiders than TCU people. Can't win many home games and have home field advantage if that's the way it's going to be. We've got to get ourselves ready to go and the fans got to stay and understand they have to help us. We've got to where now that everybody comes to the stadium and it's a social event. Now we need to understand the next evolution of our stadium is – we want to make it a place you don't want to come play. We do that, we'll have exactly what we want for three hours every Saturday when we play at Amon Carter stadium. Our students are doing an unbelievable job of making sure we're trying to have a home field advantage; we've got to get the whole stadium to be the same way."

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