HFB.com Mailbag: 10/18

It's time for another edition of the HornedFrogBlitz.com mailbag.

What are the odds Kyle Hicks will flip to us?

Good question. Up front, no matter who you ask, he's 100% solid to Texas. But, I've said it once and I'll say it again, if a recruit is still listening, he's still interested. There are a lot of factors that will play into his decision and one good thing for the Frogs is his friendship with Fields and current commit Steve Wesley. There's already talk in Austin that they feel the Longhorns' class might have a hard time staying intact if they continue to play the way they have, so one could believe that is there's a school out there Hicks would reconsider, my guess is it would be TCU.

Dixon has received strong interest from TCU

Are there any Louisiana kids that the Frogs are after that we haven't heard much about yet?

Not really as much on the 2013 side, I know they really like Trevell Dixon, a safety who used to be committed to Nebraska. TCU hasn't offered but he is supposed to be coming down for a visit. They also like Jarrod Franklin, who I saw up close at one of their summer camps and he reminds me a little of Zach Jackson; an under the radar type who would shine at a place like TCU. The Frogs have been by Damian Williams' school a few times but I'm not sure how much interest he's receiving at this point. Of course, a bigger name like Kendell Beckwith hasn't talked much about TCU, but he would be a no-brainer take if he called the staff and wanted to commit.

Who is the next commit?

That's a tough one. I don't know who it will be, there are a few guys definitely liking TCU and maybe even more guys on the fence with what they want to do. When I say fence, they're already committed elsewhere and are considering the Frogs now. So, I can't say who I think will be the next commitment, but for some reason I keep thinking it will be a switch.

Is Gildon the only one who makes it back? Any chance on Wellington, Wall, or Dunbar?

I believe Gildon will be the only one back of the four you mentioned.

Who is the top priority in your opinion for the 14 class? Sawyer, Smith, Knox, Garrett, or someone else?

Hmmm, based on needs alone I would say Smith and Knox are the top ones right now. The offensive line honestly doesn't have a lot of depth right now, getting the guys from the 2013 class is huge but you can never have enough depth on the offensive line as we've all learned first-hand this season. Quarterback is obviously another position they will need to land, especially if they ultimately decide not to take one for the 2013 class. A lot of that will depend on whether or not Pachall returns. One name to watch at quarterback is Humble Summer Creek signal caller Aaron Sharp, who some folks in the Houston area are calling the top quarterback from the 2014 class in the area.

Who is the 2nd half of the season breakout star?

One thing I noticed on Saturday against Baylor was obviously Trevone Boykin's throws but what stood out to me was his trust in Cam White. That will go a long way and why I think White will be the breakout player as the second half rolls along. He already showed us just a glimpse of what he can do as a receiver last week and I predict that we will see him have a game where he either hauls in 100 receiving yards or comes extremely close.

What do you see the future holding for safety Jonathan Anderson?

Well, he's just one play away from getting back his starting spot so I don't think you will see a change of position with him or anything. I know some have the idea of him moving to linebacker, but I don't believe the Frogs have the depth at safety to do that just yet. Do they have the players – sure. But there isn't much experience. Anderson is vital on special teams as well and a lot of those players take pride in being on special teams.

Update on recruiting targets by priority of the staff, in your opinion of course. As it pertains to the 6-7 spots left available?

Manning is a very high priority for TCU
Well, I don't have a chart in front of me ranking the top targets on their list, but…I think everyone and their dog knows that two guys they would absolutely love to have are Justin Manning and Andrew Billings. Both are the type of players that would walk in and give instant depth. Billings could do it on either side of the ball if you want the honest truth. TCU is in good shape with both…the word on the street is Manning has TCU and A&M as his top two schools. His relationship with Clay Jennings at TCU is the biggest reason. As for Billings, he doesn't tip his hand at all, but I know that he would've like to make the trip up this weekend for the Texas Tech game but he can't get there in time due to Saturday practices.

As for the others, I still believe they take one to two offensive linemen, another linebacker, a receiver, a safety and two defensive linemen. It will definitely get interesting once they get to 17-18 commitments and the remaining spots start to dwindle.

At some point, I think it would be interesting to see a story or list of "So what have they been up to?" on prospects we did not get in 2012 comparing their productivity, stats with those kids we did get (assuming they played.)

Very good subject and trust me; it's been one I've been itching to get out there. I've had several folks tell me they'd like to see the players who had TCU high on their list but chose to go elsewhere. I'll be doing that in the near future.

Is Clifton Murphy becoming the big blocking TE we need? Is he a factor now?

I think all of the tight ends are getting a taste of being a blocking tight end. The position is so vital for the Frogs to move the ball and as much as fans hate that they're not utilized to the fullest, they are contributing. Murphy has fit in nicely over there and in case no one has noticed, he's a big tight end. I like when he lines up in the backfield in goal line because he gives them some versatility.

Who was the biggest slam dunk recruit that you were positive we would get, that went elsewhere, even with our offer. Who was the biggest surprise?

I have to go back a few years but the guy I thought TCU had in the bag was Spencer Nealy, who is now a starter along the defensive line at Texas A&M. When talking to Nealy both on the phone and in person prior to his senior year, he was all TCU. He loved everything about the Frogs and went as far to tell me that he wanted to commit but just didn't know "how to." I know, it was odd to me at the time too. He was all TCU until A&M came into the picture. He's definitely the guy I remember right off the top of my head that had a TCU offer and I just knew he was going to commit but decided to go elsewhere.

Rashodrick Linwood and Edward Pope would have to be the most recent that went elsewhere that took me completely off guard. A lot of folks would think Daje Johnson, but I wasn't surprised in the least when he went elsewhere.

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