Patterson Meets the Media

Coach Patterson met with the media today and talke about his team's resiliency and the upcoming battle with Oklahoma State.

Q: Do you have to shift gears when you're going up against a young QB and really good running backs?

A: "No because last week was good running backs too. Those offenses are all very similar in nature. They take what you give them but they can all hurt you. Obviously Randle is a very good player. One thing about Oklahoma State's offensive line is very good; they're very good up front."

Q: Sometime young teams don't have short memories, how was the Sunday practice?

A: "Actually we practiced better. That's the thing that was probably amazing to me, we came off the Baylor game and we didn't (practice well Sunday). This group seems to be urged by embarrassment. "

Q: How impressed have you been with the offense over the last 2 weeks?

A: "Not just two weeks, I thought we've kept progressing. Even the Iowa State game in the loss, we had 450 something yards, we just can't turn the ball over. In the three Big 12 games we've had, everybody wondered how TCU would do offensively and I think we've moved the ball and we did the things we needed to do."

Q: How have the kids responded to the 2:30 games?

A: "I know we changed up how up (inaudible). I thought we started fast Saturday so I think we came close to having a better answer to what we needed to do to get ready for one of them."

Q: Did the injury to Blaize Foltz affect the game plan at all?

A: "No."

Q: What's your thought on their young QB (J.W. Walsh). Did you know much about him when he was at Denton Guyer?

A: "Walsh we knew a lot about. In fact, we had committed somebody and we had actually looked at him and about the same time, he committed to Oklahoma State. He was a guy that we were evaluating very heavily. His dad's a coach."

Q: Are you impressed with the way Trevone Boykin handled the 4th quarter and overtime?

A: "Trevone likes to play ball. It doesn't matter if a parking lot, it doesn't matter if it's a back yard, he likes to go play. He took a lot of hits but he's still ticking."

Q: How important is his (Boykin) progress?

A: "Well obviously when he's played well, we've won. When we've turned the ball over, we've lost. Like I said before he played, I thought he was going to give us another whole different look to be able to have a guy that wasn't just a drop back guy like Casey was. Now they've got to defend two running backs and not just one in the backfield with him back there. He has a cannon, he can throw the ball very well. So you got a guy that can throw and get going so I think all he's going to do is keep getting better."

Q: Have you ever had a freshman kicker as talented as Jaden?

A: "I don't know, we've had a lot of kickers come through but I'm not ready to anoint him. He's missed two so far (laughing). If he was perfect then we would be ok but about the time I do that would be about the time we have a critical kick somewhere else. Just write that down, Coach P did not go out and jinx himself."

Q: Do you expect Wes Lunt to start for Oklahoma State?

A: "I'm waiting until tomorrow night, that's when they said they're going to name a starter. We're going to prepare for both, one's more of an athletic guy and one's more of a drop back guy."

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