Friday Hoops Report

Trent Johnson and his team now have three weeks of practice under their belt. With the season just one week away, Trent Johnson talks about his rotation, expectations, and seizing the moment.

The men's basketball season opens one week from today. I look forward to seeing Johnson coach on the sidelines for the first time. Quick Notes:

Amric Fields and Garlon Green were voted the captains by their teammates.

DeVonta Abron is currently playing through a small groin injury.

Johnson has been very impressed with senior forward Connell Crossland and his motor. Working hard consistently is something that Johnson looks for with a keen eye.

Garlon Green is back on the practice floor after battling an ankle injury and pneumonia.

Trent Johnson again mentioned that Adrick McKinney has continued to make improvements. McKinney has done a good job of accepting his role as a rebounder, defender, and physical inside presence.

Johnson has also been impressed with walk on PG Chris Zurcher. Zurcher is Johnson's kind of guy. He's just a savvy and constantly hard-working guy.

From the notes to the quotes:

On how he'll set his lineup:

"It is based off of every day. It's based off of when we first started our skill sessions way back in July. I have a memory like an elephant. I tell them that all the time. Who's gotten better? Who goes hard in 5 on 0? People get caught up in starting and all that nonsense. It's not me who makes a decision on those rotations. It's them based off practice, consistency, and in games."

On his own life:

"I love every second. I told them that this is not a job for me. It's a way of life. It is my life, and the bottom line is that this is an important part of their life. When they get away, this team is going to be identified good bad or indifferent as the first team that was a part of TCU in the Big 12. They need to understand that and embrace that, and bust their tail to be as good as they can be DAILY. When they walk out the door, regardless of what their win/loss record is, it will be a refreshing feeling. It's pretty simple, but it's hard to do."

On coaching to the strengths of his players:

"It's a blessing for any coach to be able to coach good kids like this. It's always a challenge to make them and put them in the best possible position they can be. That's always a challenge. I know with this coach, I'm all about perfection. Just because you look at an individual like Amric, he is talented and has a great skill set and all that. Let's not mistake activity for results. He's a guy that is just now in a situation where we're asking him to play well and maybe be a go-to guy in certain games. That's the first time that's happened to him since high school. So let him grow into his role if that may be his role. Garlon is no different. Kyan is no different. For the first time since high school, Kyan is going to be the lead point guard. So let him grow into that. And when I say grow into that, I mean you've got to be put in the fire. When you start looking at challenges, I don't look at any one individual as a supreme challenge. This whole group is a challenge. For me, the challenge is while everyone is focused on Amric so much, well Jarvis Ray and Nate Butler have to work on being better passers, creating a lane, and being better facilitators. Amric and Kyan are two of the best passers on this team that I've seen in one scrimmage, but someone has to step up and make them better."

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