25 Random Thoughts on West Virginia Game

Check out 25 random thoughts on the West Virginia game.

1. What a game, I don't care if West Virginia isn't known for great defense. The way TCU stayed around and fought until the very end shows what kind of resiliency this team has.

2. West Virginia had a nice ring of the bell of "Hell's Bells" on third downs. I wouldn't mind if TCU used this on third downs.

Verrett is on his way to All-Big 12
3. Last week I watched Trevone Boykin limp off the field at Boone Pickens Stadium. It's amazing what this kid can do just one week later. His legs are what make him such a special quarterback. With all due respect to Pachall, Boykin makes this offense much more potent. There were about 4-5 plays he made on Saturday that no one else could've made, including the 94-yard pass to Boyce.

4. West Virginia – 95 yards of total offense in the second half. Let that sink in. Good job defense.

5. Speaking of the defense, how good would this defense be if they didn't give up a few big plays this year? Maybe I'll do the math one day and determine that.

6. Speaking of the defense part II. Great move by Patterson starting Carter and Kindred on defense. Both of them led the defense in tackles with 10 apiece.

7. Don't look now but Marcus Mallett is coming around. The sophomore linebacker recorded 7 tackles on the day and led the defense with two tackles for loss.

8. Tavon Austin is fast.

9. The first touch for Dominic Merka in his career goes for a 15-yard touchdown after scooping up a blocked punt. Great hands by the big man, he picked that ball up with ease.

10. Congrats to Corey Fuller on his 25-yard touchdown reception in the second overtime. Big play for the senior who will remember that play for a long, long time. Let's be honest, so will TCU fans. By the way, nice horse trot Corey.

11. Fuller's play wasn't a surprise to those who watched Trinity when Brandon Carter was there; he ran that play several times for the Trojans.

12. Jason Verrett will be first team All-Big 12 at corner. If he's not, I'd like to see who has done better. He now has five interceptions and broke up a couple of passes and has been lights out for the Frogs this season. The best news, he still has one more year.

13. Nice to see Stansly Maponga out on the field again. He definitely made his presence known on a few plays.

14. TCU defense will have 10 returning starters for 2013. Let that sink in too.

15. Josh Boyce, what can you say? The guy is the definition of clutch and it has to be asked…is he the greatest receiver in TCU history. I say…he is. By the way, that 4.35 looked legit to me.

16. Boise State part II. I can't decide which game was better.

17. Nice to see Brandon Carter making plays again this week. While he only had 2 receptions for 25 yards, him just being out there creates a mismatch for the opponent.

18. TCU proves once again that they can go on the road and beat a good team in front of an amped up crowd. Can we please stop hearing the question of whether or not the Frogs can win on the road?

Is Boyce the best WR in TCU history?
19. Although Tavon Austin scored on a punt return I give Ethan Perry credit for not looking like Oklahoma State's Quinn Sharp when Kansas State returned a punt for a score against the Cowboys. Just Google it if you haven't seen.

20. How fun is it to watch the Big 12? Not a week goes by where you're not on the edge of your seat for at least one game.

21. Frogs' secondary only gave up one big pass play on the day, a 43-yarder that looked more like a run than it did a pass in the first half to Tavon Austin.

22. TCU held West Virginia to only 338 total yards, the second lowest amount of yards the Mountaineers have totaled this season.

23. They should nickname Patterson to "Big Game Patterson". He has a 13-8 record against ranked opponents.

24. Of course, I'm sure TCU fans have a much better nickname in mind with Patterson going for two on the road for the win. "BBP". That wasn't loose change clinking around his pocket today.

25. Kansas State comes to town with a #2 ranking and Patterson will be coaching against his mentor, Bill Snyder. In fact it will be the first time Patterson has ever coached against his alma mater. The Carter should be busting at the seams with a 6 o'clock kickoff.

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