Frogs Eyeing Another 2013 QB

TCU is eyeing Georgetown, Texas signal caller Jake Hubenak.

One of the biggest surprise teams in all of Texas for the 2012 season is the Georgetown Eagles. In 2011 the Eagles went 6-4 overall and 2-4 in district competing in class 5A. They also lost arguably their top player in quarterback Jake Hubenak, who only played in three games.

One year later, the Eagles are one of the most talked about teams in Texas.

Georgetown is currently 9-0 and has already wrapped up the district 17-4A title. The Eagles aren't just beating opponents; they're demolishing them by an average of 39 points per game.

Much of that success can be attributed to a standout defense, the drop in classification and the return of their senior quarterback; Hubenak.

"We moved down to (class) 4A so we didn't know what to expect but we just prepared the same that we have any other year," Hubenak said. "It's been fun; we've been blowing some teams out which has been good for the rest of our team because guys have gotten to play. I've been taken out around halftime in a lot of games. The last two weeks we've had two pretty big games against two of the district's best teams and we ended up beating both pretty good so that's been good for our team."

Last season Hubenak threw for 845 yards and 11 scores with no interceptions in three games before being lost for the season. This season he has shredded opposing defenses to the tune of 2,204 yards with 29 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions.

"I have to give credit to my offensive line and great receivers, I wouldn't be anywhere without those guys," he said. "But, I definitely had to put in the time and hard work."

Unfortunately thanks to his injury last season many programs have overlooked the rising signal caller. He did make a few camp stops over the summer, including a stop at a TCU camp in San Antonio where he was one of the more impressive quarterbacks in attendance. On Sunday, Hubenak spoke with TCU for the first time since the summer and he was made aware that the Frogs are still evaluating him.

"I talked with Coach Haverty and I've kind of been in contact with him since my sophomore year," he said. "TCU has always kind of been the dream school I've wanted to go to. Last year I got hurt in the third game and all the schools just kind of found their own guy. I know TCU hasn't found their guy yet so that's something I'm working towards hopefully. That'd be somewhere I'd definitely like to play. He said he was going to let me know what the coaching staff thinks."

What makes TCU stand out?

"It definitely got me excited my sophomore year when Coach Haverty was at my school and looking at me and it got me excited that someone was interested in me and I went to research the school," he said. "I've always been a big Dallas-Ft. Worth area guy, I always loved going up there. I ended up going on an unofficial visit last year to one of their games and loved the atmosphere. The coaches were awesome and if I went there the offense is basically the same thing that I run at my school."

Hubenak says a few other programs have continued to show interest. Although he doesn't hold an offer just yet, he's hoping a nice run through the playoffs will give him added exposure.

"UTSA and Texas State have been talking to me for a while and I talked with Baylor over the spring and summer," he said. "That's another place I could see myself fitting into. They have one quarterback but they said they'd be willing to pick up another one. I'm keeping my options open right now, I'm hoping we make a deep playoff run and that will get me more exposure."

Although he hasn't made it to a TCU game this season, he hopes to attend one soon. Starting with this weekend's game.

"The one this weekend is going to be a big one and I've been talking to my parents about going to that one," he said. "Any of them I'd love to go to. I haven't seen the new stadium yet so that would be pretty cool to see."

Location and academics are among the key factors Hubenak is looking at when evaluating different programs. He knows TCU has exactly what he's looking for in a school.

"I've always been a big Texas guy, I've always hoped that I could play somewhere in Texas and have the opportunity to be somewhere close to my family," Hunenak said. "Of course the academic part is huge, most people don't go on to the NFL after college football, and they're going to move on to something else so academics are very important to me. Getting to know the coaches well and know that they're good people. I know that's definitely something TCU has and interests me."

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