HFB.com Mailbag: 12/4

It's time to get caught up with the HornedFrogBlitz.com mailbag.

I read that A&M QB Jonny Manziel trained with QB guru George Whitfield last summer. Do you think it's feasible that Boykin could do something similar? I've been very impressed with Boykin this year, but would like to see his footwork and accuracy improve. I'm sure it will, because the o-line will be better.

You hit the nail on the head with the improvement of the o-line. I like Manziel like everyone else seems to nationwide, he is one heck of a player. But, he does benefit from a magnificent offensive line. With Boykin, I'm not sure he goes the same route as Manziel and work with a quarterback guru, but obviously his accuracy has to improve. Much of that comes from his sidearm throwing motion and that's very hard to get rid of in just one summer. I think a lot of his bad throws this year were forced throws that he could make in high school but he's not going to get those same passes past Big 12 defensive backs most of the time.

Verrett has caught the attention of the NFL
This year the d-line took it to the next level and really grew up. Do you see similar improvement next year for the o-line? Yes, simply because you add more experience. There's no question about it, the most mistakes came from the younger guys up front. We all know who seemed to make the most mistakes. But, I think it's very promising for the tackles because they were only freshmen and sophomores and for the most part they did handle the week in and week out grind of the Big 12. Playing against better competition is only going to make them better. I feel a lot better going into next year after seeing them play against linemen from Texas, Tech, Oklahoma and Kansas State more than I would against anyone from the Mountain West. I also really liked the fact that Aviante Collins and Tayo Fabuluje got work at both left and right tackle spots.

Have you heard any rumblings about how the underclassmen (RS and Transfers) are looking in practice? If so, what are you hearing?

I don't know a whole lot about how each is looking but I've heard some good things about David Jenkins and Aaron Green. Those are the two guys that will be fighting for a starting spot next year. Ja'Juan Story is coming along, but he still has some work to do to be even with the other receivers, heard Josh Doctson actually looks better at this point, but both have work to do.

It would be kinda cool if you can take the current list of offers we have and then categorize them as "likely", "unlikely", or "50/50" (or something to that effect). Strictly based on your thoughts.

I'll see what I can do here….

LikelyGaius Vaenuku, Gary Moore,

UnlikelyCaleb Benenoch, Mike Mitchell, Ricky Seals-Jones, Daeshon Hall, Quincy Russell, Kendell Beckwith,

50/50Justin Manning, Andrew Billings, Josh Outlaw, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Kevin Smith, Travon Blanchard, Tre'vell Dixon

Do you see Boyce, Verrett, or Maponga entering the NFL draft early?

Maybe before the season I could see Boyce going pro because he expected to have a big year. I think he's still another year away though. Maponga is the same, he could very well work himself into the first round next year just like Jerry Hughes did following his senior season. I can't really get a feel on Verrett. He's helped his draft stock tremendously this season; we're talking into the first three rounds in my opinion. But, just imagine if he stays, and has the same kind of season, he could see an even higher payday.

Which TCU legend would you most like to have a beer with and name your 2 best interview questions for him?

Good question, but I'd be a dummy not to answer Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien. After getting over being star struck for a minute, I'd ask both what it was like being on top of the world at TCU in the 30's. Sammy, I'd ask him mostly about life after football which I'm sure he'd probably talk more about. For Davey, I'd ask what it was like being the only Heisman Trophy winner in school history and how he made playing quarterback look easy despite his 5-foot-7 frame.

Assuming all the 2013 commits make it to campus, who do you think contributes as a true freshman? For obvious reasons, it'd be nice if most/all redshirted.

Burtnett is likely to see the field in 2013
Going by position needs, I definitely feel Bryson Burtnett is the most obvious candidate. He's going to be on campus next semester and he will take over long snapping duties. I also feel one of the offensive linemen will see early playing time, but I'm not sure which ones those will be. Eason Fromayan has as good of a chance as any, especially with his early arrival next month. TCU losses only five senior starters and the depth behind them seems to already be established so I can't think of any other positions at the moment where we'll see a freshman getting playing time. Of course, I'm not counting special teams, that's always the wild card.

Who's our signing day surprise?

Hmmm, if I say that then it will give it away. I'll just say I don't believe Hicks will be the last big time player the Frogs get.

Who do you think will commit next in the 2014 class after Emanuel Porter?

There aren't many offers out at this point and the ones they have extended I haven't been able to get much of a read on where they're leaning. We may not see more 2014 offers until February but I'll say if a guy such as Jacob Bragg gets an offer, he'll be a Frog. Of the current prospects that do have offers, I can't recall of anyone ready to make a commit anywhere at this point.

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