Aston Walter Enjoying the Process

Aston Walter has worked hard perfecting his skills as a quarterback. He believes in chasing his dream instead of listening to naysayers. has the latest here.

Last week, caught up with Austin Walter. The talented running back out of Crosby, TX was coming off of a junior season that saw him post incredible numbers on the offensive side of the ball. This week, we caught up with the other half of the dynamic duo, his brother, Aston Walter. The do it all QB for Crosby spoke with us about the recruiting process and his thoughts about experiencing it alongside his brother.

"The recruiting process is going slow right now but I've been receiving a lot of letters from everywhere giving me information about the schools" said Walter. "So far, nothing major has happened and everything has just been about going through the process but my brother and I really feel positive about the whole situation and the experience we're having right now."

Obviously coming from humble roots, the Walter brothers have dreams of playing together at the next level. Aston says he and his brother are a package deal but believes that his future is at quarterback because of all of the hard work he's put in at the position.

"We're 100% a package deal" said Walter. "I was raised to never give up on your dreams and if you have a dream, not to let anybody steer you away from it so my goal is to continue playing quarterback."

After a junior season that saw him post impressive numbers, Walter is ready for the challenge that college football brings.

"I believe with my God given ability and my talents, I'm capable of doing it" said Walter. "I've matured this year as an individual, as a passer, and was still able to keep on rushing the ball the same way."

With TCU coming into the picture and inquiring about the Walter brothers, Aston talked about his feelings for the TCU program and for a current player on the roster.

"I really love what Coach Patterson is doing" he said. "I love the program and how they came into the Big 12 and didn't go away like a lot of people thought they would. I really just like everything about the school, I really do."

"Another thing I like about TCU is that Dominic Merka is pretty much like my mentor" he said. "I'm very familiar with Dominic and he's an example that even coming from the small town we're from that you can make it and it's amazing what he's done. We're all real proud of him."

Will TCU give Aston Walter a shot at quarterback and will they pursue Austin Walter in hopes that the brothers can wreak havoc in the Big 12 together? Stay logged on to to find out.

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