Bragg hoping for TCU offer

Nacogdoches, Texas offensive lineman Jacob Bragg is high on the Frogs radar for the 2014 class.

Nacogdoches, Texas offensive lineman Jacob Bragg is already a name to watch as a possible offer for the Frogs 2014 class. Rated as the nation's No. 4 center by Fox Sports NEXT, Bragg will have plenty of options to choose from.

TCU was one of the first schools to show Bragg interest early on. After an impressive showing in one of TCU's satellite camps in Kilgore last summer, he has remained on the Frogs radar ever since. He's already made his way to the Ft. Worth campus a few times this season and he was again on hand last week when TCU hosted Oklahoma.

Bragg came away very impressed once again.

"The game was a lot better than when they played Virginia because there was more of a crowd out there," Bragg said. "It was pretty cool. The weather was perfect. The atmosphere was great, as time goes by TCU's crowd will keep getting bigger. It was great."

Although TCU finished with a 7-5 record and 4-5 record in the inaugural season in the Big 12, Bragg knows the future looks bright in Ft. Worth.

"I think TCU is a great football team and if they wouldn't have been plagued by injuries this year they would've had a better year this year and probably would've beat Oklahoma," he said. "Their season was good and they have a lot of talent for the future."

Bragg hasn't received an offer from TCU but he knows he's among the top offensive linemen on their radar for next year's class. He was reassured of that prior to the game last Saturday.

"I talked to him before the game and I talked to coach Williamson a little before and after," he said. "They said right they're trying to get their seniors signed so they can focus on next year's class. They said since they already know me that I'm a step ahead of the other offensive linemen they're looking at. They said I'm looking pretty good right now."

The big lineman doesn't hesitate when asked of his admiration of TCU. Truth be told, they've been his top school for quite some time. Which is why if the Frogs do indeed extend an offer, he likely couldn't resist the urge to end the recruiting process.

"Man, that would be a dream come true for TCU to offer me, it would be great," he said. "It would be hard to refuse it, that itself would be hard to do."

Bragg isn't alone in his favoritism toward TCU; both his parent like what they see in the school.

"They love it, they think the campus is great and like the way they treat the parents are outstanding," he said. "My mom really loves the campus."

TCU isn't the only school showing interest as Oklahoma State is starting to pick up more interest in Bragg.

"OSU is picking up a lot of interest, Coach Wickline wrote me a couple of letters and they came by the school but I didn't get to them," he said. "He and my coach talked and they watched the John Tyler game and he was very impressed. I think Coach Wickline is really interested in me."

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