Twine Gets TCU Baseball Offer

Hemphill, Texas athlete Justin Twine recently received an offer from TCU to play baseball.

Hemphill, Texas is home to one of the top athletes in the Lone Star state regardless of classification; 2014 prospect Justin Twine. The 5-foot-11, 190-pounder has made his name known on the football and baseball fields since his freshman year and to no surprise, he's already holding offers in both sports.

Twine rushed for 2,478 yards as a sophomore, which included a 534-yard outburst against West Sabine. However, his junior season was cut short just three games into the season.

"I only played in two and a half games, I had an injury that kept me from playing the rest of the season," he said. "I had 11 touchdowns and I don't know how many yards."

As talented of a football player he is, he may be even more impressive in baseball as a standout outfielder and pitching prospect. He recently received his second offer in baseball when TCU came forth with an offer.

Twine was happy to receive an offer that he coveted but he knows he still has quite a while before making a decision.

"I was very fortunate, extremely happy," Twine said of receiving the TCU offer for baseball. "I had been waiting to receive an offer from them. I felt like I accomplished something I wanted, but it's not over yet. I'm still taking my time with this."

The Horned Frogs like Twine for his versatility on the diamond.

"They said anywhere they need me, they needed a versatile player," Twine said.

Twine feels comfortable in knowing that more offers for both sports will continue to come his way. He's been offered by Baylor and Sam Houston for football and Texas A&M for baseball.

"I'm sure I'll have more in football and baseball but they're waiting until I visit most likely," Twine said.

As for TCU's interest in football, Twine says the Frogs haven't offered just yet but they remain strongly interested.

"They're really letting me know if I come there it would be a good chance I'd play as a freshman because they play a good bit of freshmen already," Twine said of his conversation with Haverty. "He told me to keep in touch and to visit again."

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