Boykin meets with the media

TCU redshirt freshman quarterback Trevone Boykin met with the media for the first time this season on Thursday.

Prior to the season, TCU redshirt freshman quarterback Trevone Boykin thought he would spend the 2012 season backing up one of the top signal callers in the Big 12; Casey Pachall. That all changed in the fifth week of the season with Pachall's suspension and just like that Boykin was named the starter.

Boykin managed to lead the team to seven victories on the season as the Horned Frogs advanced to their eighth consecutive bowl game. Boykin became known as one of the more electric players in the Big 12, especially at quarterback. In eight starts, Boykin threw for 1,853 yards and 15 scores while adding another 380 on the ground.

The Horned Frogs returned to practice on Thursday as they continue preparations for their December 29th match up against Michigan State in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Boykin met with the media following the short practice. It was his first time to interview this season.

How did you learn that you would be starting against Iowa State?

"After the situation that happened, Coach Burns called me and told me I was going to be the guy and said I was going to be a leader and play my role. That's what they got me here for so that's what I came to do."

How much better do you feel after the season progressed?

"Iowa State having just one day of practice, the game was fast. Once the next week came it kind of helped me because we practiced fast repetition and we got the ‘W' against Baylor."

You have much more of a running game than Casey did, how did your teammates and offense adjust to that over the season?

"I stepped into a role and tried to do the best I could and my teammates built me up. The offensive line built me up, Blaize Foltz and all the seniors were behind me and said this is my team and I just ran with it."

How important was that for you?

"The leaders of the team were behind me 100%. They just told me to not be nervous and just go out and play because I've been doing this my whole life."

What can you do better?

"I have a lot to learn; footwork and keeping my arm up because balls get knocked down. I had a lot of bad decisions."

When you look at making the transition into the Big 12, how do you think you guys did this year?

"We did good. Most of the guys we played with in college we played against in high school so we all got brought up in the same area. This year we just had to play every week."

When was the biggest light bulb moment of the season for you?

"I would have to say the Baylor game. The Iowa State game was really fast for me. Once I slowed it down I got through my reads it became a lot easier."

What was your favorite play this season?

"I'd have to say the two plays at West Virginia to JB (Josh Boyce)."

Was the long play a broken play?

"My main read was the field and the offensive line blocked great. I came back to the boundary and I just saw him and got him the ball. That's my job."

And he also made the play (on the 2-point conversion).

"It was great catch and we worked on that play in practice multiple times and it's the same play we ran at Boise State. When Coach P said we were going for two, we already knew what play it was going to be."

How big was that West Virginia game?

"For some reason Coach P told us we play better away. Going away it's us verse everybody and that's the way we like it."

Was there any pressure knowing you were kind of dealt the task of getting this team back to a bowl game?

"No, I basically just played football; there was no pressure behind me. All my team stayed behind me. My job was to get the seniors to another ball game."

You get to go against Devonte in practice, are you glad you don't have to go against him in a game?

"I would say I'm glad I don't have to go against him in a game. He's an athlete."

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