Athletics prepares more renovations

TCU is currently in the planning stages for renovations to the baseball and basketball facilities, and a second wave of work at Amon G. Carter stadium has already begun. HornedFrogBlitz looks at renovation plans below:

Just one year after TCU finished its $164 million renovation of Amon G. Carter stadium, director of athletics Chris del Conte is leading the athletics department in more upgrades to athletic facilities for baseball, basketball, and football.

All plans described below are subject to change, and some plans are still tentative as opposed to finalized.


Sources have said that a group of donors have already stepped up to make major renovations to the TCU basketball facilities and Lupton Stadium.

Several changes are already underway.

The outfield wall in left field has been moved in shrinking the size of TCU's pitcher friendly yard, but it has also created a new area that will be used for tailgating in left field.

Behind the left field wall near the foul poll, sources say that TCU will use that area as a tailgating area where grills, tents, and tables can be set up to enhance the tailgating experience.

From dugout to dugout, the grounds crew is also putting in an entirely new warning track.

The hill that sat behind the visitors bullpen and the right field line has been taken out. The hill will be terraced, removing the sliding hill for children that could have been a liability for the university.

The potential to add in more seats down the first base line or add in more patios exists.

After the season, renovations are scheduled to begin on the underbelly of Lupton Stadium. A group of donors have stepped up to ensure that TCU will have a new locker room, and sources have said the upgrades could include all new batting cages and training areas as well.

Renovation plans can certainly change in the next 7-8 months, but renovations are scheduled to begin after the season.


After the second wave of renovations are complete at Amon G. Carter stadium, Chris del Conte has been clear that he would like to make considerable renovations to Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

The locker room, team meeting rooms, and arena amenities have become a liability for TCU in recruiting.

Sources have said that no plans are finalized yet for DMC renovations, but Chris del Conte and co. have already been exploring options of what can be done to renovate the 51 year old facility.

Head coach Trent Johnson said at Big 12 media days that the locker room would be renovated after the season.

Along with a new locker room should come new team meeting rooms or player lounge.

One source said that del Conte has looked at potential plans to possibly add 6-8 suites in the arena. In addition to suites, the front of the coliseum is likely to undergo a large face lift. Marketing, media relations, and compliance offices could move from being scattered around the concourse to centered in office space that could be located in the new front of the facility.

One oddity of the coliseum is that players and coaches have no clear entrance or exit other than walking through the stands and concourse by fans, maintenance crew, ushers, etc.

Coaches locker rooms are in the Schollmaier Complex, and they have no route to take from practice facility to arena other than through the concourse and stands.


A second wave of renovations will begin at Amon G. Carter stadium before renovations begin at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Most seats at the stadium will have backs put on them except for the student section and select areas.

New areas for emergency crews will be added, and other small renovations/additions will be made as well.

The most notable change will come as TCU will install and all new grass playing surface along with a new drainage system. The old grass is already being removed.

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