Tunstill Talks TCU Commitment

College of the Canyons offensive lineman Lloyd Tunstill became the Frogs 17th commitment on Sunday.

The Frogs had a big weekend recruiting wise with the addition of three prospects to their 2013 class. No. 17 came from the junior college ranks as they landed College of the Canyons offensive lineman Lloyd Tunstill after making an official visit to TCU.

Tunstill is the fourth offensive linemen commit for the Frogs and first junior college commitment. At 6-foot-3, 330-pounds, Tunstill played left tackle in his two years for the Cougar but will make the transition to guard or center at TCU.

The weekend trip was Tunstill's first visit to the Ft. Worth campus and first visit to the DFW area since he was just six years old. He was accompanied on the trip with his mother.

"Man, the campus was breathtaking," he said. "My favorite site was when Coach Williamson took me to where I could see the Frog Walk and you could turn around and see the stadium. I think it's the best view I've seen in a long time. Everything is so relevant about TCU and that's a huge attraction, real huge."

Whether it's seeing a campus for the first time or meeting the people associated with a program, recruits usually can pinpoint a specific moment when they know a school is the right choice for them. For Tunstill, he says he didn't necessarily have that moment because he knows schools will do everything to sale their program to potential recruits.

However, after some time to reflect on the visit with his mother through prayer and evaluating all the pros and cons of TCU, they both knew Tunstill would be calling TCU his home for the next three years. Surprisingly, they held the news to themselves until the car ride back to DFW airport with Williamson.

Not surprisingly, the coaches were very happy to hear the news.

"They were exuberant and ecstatic," he said of the coaches' reactions. "What happened was we were driving back to the airport and I knew the decision and my mother knew the decision and Coach Williamson didn't. It was quiet in the car and he said ‘what's your thought process.' I told him I really liked the campus and I want to play here. He snapped his head and said GOOD! He said let's call Coach Patterson and Coach Patterson, he really expressed himself and was hollering and real excited. I got the feel that I'm wanted, especially by the head coach which made me feel good. It's a family type atmosphere here."

TCU wasn't the only school chasing Tunstill as West Virginia, Texas Tech, BYU and utsa were also in the picture. TCU had the benefit of hosting the big lineman first and he did admit that he had a feeling TCU would be his next home even prior to his visit.

"I'm really happy with the fact that I scheduled TCU first, I knew around Christmas time that deep down but you just don't really say anything but I just knew it that this is where I want to play," Tunstill said. "So, as talks continued with Coach Williamson and the fact that he scheduled the visit for the 11th was great because if TCU doesn't work out then I'll figure out what I really want. Going into it, I knew that I wanted TCU. It fit the three things I was looking for in a school which were academics, cultural, do I fit in with the team and finally athletics, which I knew would be top notch and they were."

Tunstill will have three years to play two for the Frogs and will arrive on campus in June. As previously mentioned, he'll make the move to the interior for the Frogs and he's looking forward to the opportunity to compete.

"I've been playing tackle for two years but really I'm not tall enough to play tackle but I have the footwork for it but I can play guard also," he said. "I don't have a specific role yet so my thing is to fit in wherever I can and compete. This spring coach Williamson asked me to start learning how to snap and I definitely plan on doing that."

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