HFB.com Mailbag: 1/15

It's time for another edition of the HornedFrogBlitz.com mailbag where Frog fans ask the questions, and we give our answers.

Difficult question so early on, but can you guess the 2 deep at o-line for next year?

I really wish I could but if there seems to be one unit that constantly on the shuffle, it's the offensive line. What I can say, I think we see a battle between Fabuluje, Vaitai, Dunbar and Collins at the tackle positions. In my opinion Collins will likely be a full time left tackle next season, I think there's a reason we saw him working at the spot various times during the season. The return of Dunbar will certainly add depth and Fabuluje in my opinion will start the season at right tackle. Again, just my opinions. The interior of the line is more of a question mark. I feel that Tausch will make the shift to center and Joey Hunt, Jamelle Naff or Brady Holtz get the starting nods. The biggest question is the return of Bobby Thompson and Michael Thompson; will they be healthy. Michael Thompson has battled knee injuries and Bobby has had shoulder issues. Obviously a big impact could come with the addition of Lloyd Tunstill. His commitment was huge for the Frogs.

What are the odds we land another 4-star recruit?

There are a few out there still eyeing the Frogs very closely. The two obvious names are Josh Outlaw and Andrew Billings. Both will be on visits this week and if I were to give any predictions, I'd say Outlaw is leaning more toward TCU than Billings. That's not to say Billings isn't, but he just never tips his hand. Outlaw has always spoke volumes about TCU and the fact that Jordan Moore is on campus is a benefit. Watch out for Texas Tech, as they made an in-home with him on Sunday night. Rami Hammad is another who seems to be interested in the Frogs and I'm told that he was actually the one to reach out to the staff; not vice versa. Texas is the one to watch here and if the Longhorns do offer, it could be tough for the big man to not take it. Daeshon Hall making a visit was pretty big for the Frogs as Texas Tech had hoped he would visit Lubbock instead. Darian Claiborne is also very, very interesting. Did I say interesting? Glasgow on the prowl.

If Curtis Luper is hired as a coach, will CEL count against our scholarship limit, or will he get an employee's kid's scholarship?

Good question, one I haven't really thought about. From past history what I've noticed is when a parent is on the faculty, the recruit is basically considered a walk-on. Sure, it doesn't count against the scholarship numbers, but they miss out on certain things scholarships players get; food, books, etc. I have to believe that Cameron is on full-scholarship.

With Maponga leaving for the NFL Draft can you breakdown how you think the competition for his spot will play out?

Well, the good news is they have experienced players coming back. The bad news; they haven't showed that they're ready to be as good as Maponga. James McFarland received most of the playing time behind Maponga but only totaled four tackles. Josh Carraway is a player that I've heard Patterson is very excited about. In fact, last spring when we asked about incoming freshmen defensive ends, Carraway was the first name out of Patterson's mouth; yes, even ahead of Fields. That's how we even found out Carraway was on scholarship instead of a grayshirt. Unfortunately, Carraway missed most of the season with a knee injury but he still played with just six games remaining. That tells me they really like him to burn a redshirt for just half a season. It's uncertain if he'll be healthy this spring as he injured the same knee during bowl practices.

Make a prediction on how the 2013 class will finish out.

22-23 signees. One more four star player, another good receiver (I think they have a legit shot with Adeboyejo and Polite-Bray) and at least one switch. We're monitoring it closely and if it does happen, it likely won't be until nearly signing day. You guys will be happy with the finished product.

What are you hearing on the Assistant Coaching search?

Everything should be official later this week after paperwork is finalized but what we're hearing is what you guys have seen on our boards. Frog fans will be happy with the results, not a doubt in my mind on that. Good recruiters that have great contacts.

Who is the backup free safety right now behind Elisha Olabode?

Zach Jackson the last practice I saw.

Will Luper be given a shot @ QB?

From what he told us in our interview, he will be given a chance to line up in the "wild-Frog". Like we've said from the moment we watched him over the summer, CEL is a Jeremy Kerley clone. He will definitely fool some teams that think he's just back there to run the ball. The Kerley to Johnson touchdown against Utah comes to mind.

Does he anticipate Waymon being ready by the LSU game?

Every indication I've heard is that he will be ready.

Your thoughts on LB situation, couple weeks left with little clarity.

HELP! In all seriousness, linebacker recruits should be lining up by the waves with the unproven number of linebackers currently on the roster. The Frogs could use a JUCO guy that has some college experience but where do they find it? The three committed linebackers just better be ready. Sammy Douglas, Paul Whitmill and Dac Shaw could very well see the field next year just because of their athleticism. If one of them doesn't get lost on formations and what to do, one could start. Duke Riley and Darrian Claiborne are two guys the Frogs would love to land. Frog fans should go ahead and prepare themselves that a freshman could very well be starting for the defense in 2013.

Who is our most underrated current 2013 commit?

That's the easiest question so far; Cameron Echols-Luper by a landslide. I've seen Cameron work exclusively at receiver and saw the potential he has to run routes, get separation and catch the ball. In my opinion, he should be about 70-80 spots higher on the receiver rankings. For him to sit at #125, among receivers, is way, way too low. He will become a household name during his career at TCU.

Who has a bigger impact in 2013, Waymon James or A. Green?

Waymon James. I've been told Green is the real deal, but Waymon is still the best runningback on the roster.

Will Kevin White be the starter at boundary corner?

I'll forward this question to Gary Patterson! I think he stands to have some good competition with Travoskey Garrett and David Jenkins set to play this spring. White came on late in the season, but will it be enough to withstand two of the guys Patterson has spoken very highly of in the past.

What impact do you think the new position coach hires make on the 2013 recruiting class?

I believe the biggest impact could happen with two local players; one being Daeshon Hall and the other being Quincy Adeboyejo.

Predict the remaining commits…

You know, the crystal ball has been on and off for me this year. But, I'd say it's been more on than not so here goes…

Josh Outlaw
Gauis Vaenuku
Cydney Calvin (if offered)
Surprise player
Darian Claiborne
Quincy Adeboyejo (leaning toward Tech at the moment)

What newcomer has the biggest impact on the field in 2013?

Biggest immediate impact….I'm going to go with Sammy Douglas. With the limited numbers at linebacker, Douglas could make an impact. He has to add some massive weight over the summer but if they're looking for a guy that can definitely cover slot receivers and help out with the run, he's your man.

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